The old ways of 'personality tests' and 'peak performance' assessments are coming to a close because they're ignoring the most critical aspects of YOU. In fact, they're going about it totally backwards!

If you've ever gone through pages of questions wanting to gain valuable insight into yourself, only to leave feeling a little, well...misunderstood...then keep reading because there is a good reason for this. 

Back before humans had language, they related to each other and the world in a very different way. They had an ability that we've lost over time. Now, it seems almost magical. 

It's the ability to look at something and 'see' it's true nature; bypassing words and all the other filters of meaning that we've layered on over the eons. And dare I say that we humans have over-complicated things...just a little, maybe? 

Human beings are complicated enough, and in a noisy world, it's more difficult than ever to get in touch with the simple essence of who you are, and how you're designed. 

With the rise of modern psychology, people sought answers in the mind; ideas, perceptions, feelings and emotions. BUT...

...that's only part of the story. Programming and conditioning alter the way a person thinks and relates to the world. It colors their concept of Self, and as a result we wind up adopting the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of OTHERS, without ever really landing in your own unique style, and feeling confident in it. 

This missing piece is something we call Physimetrics; It's how your physiology determines your authentic styles and the natural gifts and talents that come along with it. 

We are NOT all created equal...and that's a GOOD thing!

The world needs diversity. We need more people who are stepping into their true gifts and talents and contributing them to the world in a meaningful way. You are coded with a particular blueprint for success, and no two are alike. 

Most people want to improve their lives in some way. SMART people know that the fastest way to improve the their life is to improve themselves. And thus begins the endless personal development safari; to find that elusive "Blueprint for Success." 

A 5 step strategy. Daily rituals. Retreats and trainings. The list goes on...

If you're like most people, you probably got one or two things that kind of worked from each experience, and over the years you've cobbled together a little system for yourself. But you might still be experiencing...

  • Areas of your life that feel forced and difficult.
  • Certain things or people that drain your energy. 
  • Conflicts that happen again and again without real resolution. 
  • Difficulty keeping a particular routine or schedule. 
  • Fatigue and burnout. 
  • Feeling misunderstood; Not being seen or heard.

That's because your Physimetrics haven't been accounted for! And in order to optimize your performance there are 5 key areas that must be understood and mastered. All of these are determined by your physimetrics...

Understanding and Mastering these 5 Key areas are critical to solving life's most challenging problems and getting the most out of each and every day. 

5 Key Areas for Human Optimization

Your natural talents and capabilities.

Your authentic needs and motivations.

Your level of tolerance for people, places and things.

Your unique method of communicating and connecting.

The amount of physical energy you have on a daily basis.

Styles: Your Natural Talents and Capabilities

You wouldn’t drive a Ferrari the same way you would a Jeep, right? Yet that's exactly how many people approach their lives. We looks at the way our parents did things and adopt their behaviors. We look at successful people and emulate their strategies.

The results are often haphazard and unsustainable. The reason for this is not because there's something wrong with YOU, and it's not that there is something wrong with the strategies. It's because they're NOT A MATCH. 

Finding your unique style helps to do what YOU do best, as opposed to trying to adopt other people’s styles and having it burn you out and drain your energy without tangible gain. 


Drivers: Your authentic needs and motivators

Have you ever felt like you're trying to be everything to everyone? That can make for a noisy head while you spin your wheels trying to gain some traction in life.

Understanding your motivators is critical for keeping you on a healthy track. It's kind of like the food you eat. Not everyone thrives on the same exact diet and many people are all over the map in this.

When you're all over the place, the result is 1) major energy drain, 2) confusion around what you're supposed to be doing in the world, and 3) ineffective action.

Once you understand your Authentic Needs and Motivators, you take all the guesswork out, so you can focus on finding more fun, and fulfilling ways to feed your energy and creativity. 

This portion also pinpoints areas that may be draining your energy, as well as highlighting negative patterns that occur when you are not in your best self. 


Alchemy: Your level of tolerance for people, places and things

This is the #1 reason that relationships become challenged. You'll gain deep understanding on why certain people or situations can be so difficult. Knowing this, you can set yourself up for success, whether it's setting proper boundaries at home, or bringing someone new on your team. 

Everyone gets to breathe a big sigh of relief, and it sheds new light on some of the consistent arguments and irritations that can occur in any relationship. 


Energy Centers: Your unique method of communicating and connecting.

Have you ever met someone and immediately forgot their name and everything about them? Or wondered why certain people are so comfortable invading your personal space, or why someone can't stop fidgeting? 

It's all revealed in this portion of the assessment. Everyone has a unique combination to unlock the doors to your heart and true connection. This isn't only important for intimate relationships, it's vital for effective communication in EVERY area of life. 

Understanding your own unique combination helps you to see it in others and gives you important clues about their combination. This way everyone has the chance to be seen, heard, and acknowledged in a meaningful way. 

ULT-Energy Centers

Resources: The amount of physical energy you have on a daily basis.

Do you ever felt drained of energy and you didn't know why? Feeling like you 'Should' be able to do everything you're doing, and constantly disappointed that you're hitting a wall 1/2 way through the day? 

Or maybe you feel like you've got the pedal to the metal constantly and don't know how to turn it  off? 

Understanding the raw energy you have to work with is absolutely vital to keeping yourself on a healthy track for the long term.

Being able to manage your energy effectively can save you weeks or even months of recovery if you allow yourself to burnout. It's the difference between a happy, healthy life and riding the white-knuckle roller coaster holding on for dear life. 


"Nick shined an amazing light on who I am and how I interact with the world. It had a huge impact in my relationships and even my business." 

Tanya Rayvn Star
Seeker's Library Podcast

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What do I get? 

Hopefully by now, you've gathered that this isn't just another "Reading" or "Personality test" where you learn a little about yourself and then go onto the next one. It's important that you understand how this works in the  context of your life and, and create new habits and practices that keep you in your happy groove; staying out of areas and activities that drain you, and IN those things that fuel and replenish you. 

This assessment is set up to get you clearly pointed in the right direction, and provide you with actionable tools to support you moving forward. 

Here's how it works...

Step 1: You'll take the assessment. 

Step 2: I'll send you an extensive PDF report that acts as a sort of "Owner's manual" for your human vehicle. 

Step 3: We'll schedule a Zoom session to go through your results in detail. These sessions typically run 60-90 minutes in order to cover all of the information. 

Step 4: You'll receive a recording of the session to review as needed. It's a LOT of information, and as you revisit the recording, you'll gain new insights. It'll also give you something to revisit if you ever feel yourself getting off track  or confused. 

Step 5: We'll schedule a 30-minute follow-up to answer any questions coming up and make sure you have actionable strategies to stay on track. 

Simple as that.