A Course in Self Love

Your step-by-step guide to internal conflict, reclaim your confidence, and become your own best friend... starting today.  


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Self Love is the single biggest factor influencing your happiness, motivation, joy and abundance in life. 

Imagine two versions of yourself, 5 years into the future. What would your life be like if you continued fighting against yourself every day? And what would life look like in 5 years if became your own best friend and biggest supporter starting right now?

From day to day, you may not recognize the effects of your self-talk and self-esteem. After all...

A few negative comments about yourself won’t ruin your confidence overnight. And neglecting your self care for a day or two probably won’t send you to the hospital. 

But, looking over the span of five years, it’s easy to see how everyday thoughts and attitudes about yourself add up to something much more.

Self Criticism makes you your own worst enemy.

Self Love makes you your most powerful ally.

The things you tell yourself each and every day determine your health, happiness and abundance.

Knowing how to change your self-talk means being able to instantly shift your attitude and energy, stepping into your life and work with confidence, and living your purpose with certainty. 

Introducing, A Course in Self Love. 

A step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to restore your confidence and reclaim faith in yourself.  

A Course in Self Love is the most simple, powerful, and comprehensive course on Self Love ever created.

Using a proven method, each of the lessons covers powerful ways to repair your relationship with yourself and build your resilience every day. 

Loving Yourself Means... 

  • Overcome self-doubt. Learn how to heal your inner critic without fighting an internal battle to the death. 
  • Detox your thoughts and emotions. Identify the root causes of low self esteems and self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors so you can heal them at the source. 
  • Make healthy thoughts stick. Get a simple plan to stop self-sabotage, and keep yourself of a grounded, positive track. 
  • Stop Procrastinating. Following through is easier when you have a clear plan and proven methods to support consistent positive action. 
  • Meet adversity with confidence. Learn how to reclaim your confidence when life throws you curveballs and your best efforts don’t go as planned (Do they ever, really?) . 

Then, watch as simple changes become transformational results in every area of your life. 

  • Simple self care practices (that work for YOU in your life) become vibrant health and resilient energy. 
  • Quieting your inner critic leaves space for new, healthy beliefs to grow and flourish. 
  • Renewed self confidence forms a new image of who you are- regardless of what anyone thinks or says. 
  • Healthy self esteem gives you the courage to speak your mind and set healthy boundaries that support you in your highest intentions. 
  • Positive actions toward your most important goals generates happiness, joy, and enthusiasm for your life, without pushing yourself to the brink and burning out. 

Simply put, this course will revolutionize your relationship with yourself, and improve every aspect of your life. Even if you don’t have much time. Even if you have no idea where to begin. And even if you have failed in the past. 

If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, I’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back. 

You'll learn powerful ways to heal your relationship with yourself, and lay the foundation for lasting peace and joy in your life, and for everyone you hold dear. 

But you don’t have to take my word for it. 

The ideas taught inside "A Course in Self Love" have been used to help thousands of people from all walks of life. 

Artists, lawyers, doctors, healers, coaches, parents, billionaires, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and everything in between- these ideas have helped them all. 

Loveleen Saxena

Professional Artist

"The way that Nick has gone so in depth with these seemingly simple concepts sets this course far apart from any of the other self love courses I've taken before."

Watch her video to see what she found in this unique course and how it impacted her art, creativity and life.

The Five Foundations of Self Love

"A Course in Self Love" includes 5 Modules of transformational training that gets to the heart of inner conflict and self-sabotage, healing it at the root. 

ACISL - Self Respect Icon

Foundation #1: Self Respect

Love does not exist without respect. You've been front and center for every one of your bad decisions and failures. You've seen yourself at your very worst, and sadly, those vulnerable moments are the ones that tend to stick around, suffering with guilt, shame, and disappointment. 

In this module I'll show you how to release guilt and shame from your life and shift patterns of people-pleasing so you can reclaim your power and energy with confidence.

ACISL - Self Care Icon

Foundation #2: Self Care

A healthy practice of Self Care is a constant evolution, but how you do tap into the wisdom inside yourself and make the right choices consistently? 

You'll discover how to make Self Care more simple and effective than ever before (even if you're really busy) so you can consistently make the best choices for your health, happiness, achieving your goals and loving yourself every step of the way. 

ACISL - Self Acceptance Icon

Foundation #3: Self Acceptance

When you're fighting with yourself or having constant battles inside you, it's inevitable that you take sides. 

Maybe there's a 'good' side and a 'bad' side of you. Maybe your head and heart are at odds. Fragmented.

In this module, you'll learn how to bring ALL of parts of you together in wholeness, so that there can be true healing, and lasting transformation. 

ACISL - Self Trust Icon

Foundation #4: Self Trust

How many times have you broken your word with yourself? Or ignored your intuition. Or allowed your boundaries to be broken even when you said you wouldn't?! 

When trust is broken, doubt takes over to rule your life, and "fake it till you make it" just won't fix this. Perfectionism, over-thinking, insecurity cause procrastination and self-sabotage. 

In this module you'll learn how to rebuild trust in yourself, so you can finally have unshakable confidence. 

ACISL - Self Actualizatio - Icon

Foundation #5: Self Actualization

One of the driving forces of life is growth and expansion; Actualizing your potential! When this fundamental need is ignored, your life stagnates, and you lost motivation. 

Ironically, this driving need is also one of the reasons people push themselves to the point of burnout, and never find a moment of peace. 

In this module you'll identify your path of natural evolution, and unlock your limitless potential. 

Thoughtfully crafted for busy people...

A Course in Self Love is in a league of its own. The ideas and time-tested and proven. The lessons are practical and actionable. And for format is easy to follow- no matter how busy you are. I'm confident that this is the very best course for Self Love available anywhere. 

  • In depth video lessons are broken into relevant topics for focused study. 
  • Downloadable & printable worksheets that you can keep handy online or offline. 
  • 60+ short audio lessons for daily inspiration. One-click access so you don't need to go searching. 
  • Audio healing processes for lasting transformation. 
  • Unlimited access to the course- forever.you can access, download, and listen to all of the content on any device. Learn at your own pace. Revisit lessons whenever you want.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't love it, I'll refund you. It's as simple as that. 

If You Ever Find Yourself...

  • Feeling like you're not good enough, not worthy or not deserving of more goodness and success in your life.
  • Struggling with negative self talk and beating yourself up over your choices, behaviors, or results. 
  • Carrying the weight of shame and guilt that crushes your happiness and well-being
  • Going through cycles of burnout from putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect, or "get it right."
  • People-Pleasing and putting your own needs last, and it's taking a toll physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • Feeling like you're on autopilot in your life and lacking fun and spontaneity.

If you checked even one of the boxes above, "A Course in Self Love" will help you change this...forever.

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Nick is a true professional.

    I’ve been able to relate to people on an entirely different level. He's helped me to get my own junk out of the way so I can really focus on others. I have a renewed sense of my own power in the situations in my life.

    I feel more centered and grounded within myself. And when I don’t feel that way, I have the tools to get back to that peaceful, centered place.”

    philip allen

    Marketing and Operations, Lisa Kahn Designs

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Nick is doing extremely powerful work. He rooted out highly toxic core-beliefs that were deeply buried in my subconscious and dissolved them. Poof. It was like years of therapy condensed into a one-hour distance session.”

    Jessica Leslie-testimonial-client-student
  • Nick Hansinger

    “Last night I watched a movie at home with my son, which is a special treat for me… I was laughing out loud which apparently is not common and he remarked, 'I’ve never heard you laugh like that before.”


    Personal Chef

When You Enroll Now, You'll Also Receive These Bonuses...

Everything you need to support you on the journey of a lifetime. 

ACISL - Group Coaching Icon

Personalized Self Love Coaching

You are a one of a kind, with unique situations and circumstances to deal with. You don't have to figure it all out yourself.

You'll receive six personalized group coaching calls with a small group of people so you can get the personalized attention you deserve. If you ever have to miss a call, you can email in your questions and I'll answer them directly. 

You'll always receive exactly what you need and identify the best next steps for your situation. 

ACISL - Bonus Meditations Icon

Bonus: Healing Meditations for Self Love 

This collection of healing meditation journeys is specifically designed to help you embody the foundations of Self Love. 

Each meditation guides you through a proven process for deep healing and activation. 

There are meditations for: Releasing Guilt & Shame, Manifesting your most amazing life, Self forgiveness, Heart healing, Releasing doubt, worry, anxiety & fear, Connecting with your divine Self, and more.

ACISL - Bonus - Messages for Self Love Icon

Bonus: Daily Messages for Self Love 

I've had so many students and clients tell me how they wish they could have me in their ears whenever they need me. That's why I created these daily Messages for Self Love. 

Every day you'll receive an email with your message for the day. Each one is approximately 2-4 minutes long, so it doesn't take a lot of time out of your day. 

Each message provides practical and grounded lessons that will help you make Self Love a LIVING practice, rather than a "Nice idea." 

ACISL - Bonus Supplemental Icon

Bonus: Supplemental Support Training

You'll also receive access to some of my favorite support trainings, such as: 

  • The Peace Treaty: How to Finally Make Peace with Yourself
  • 7 Daily Questions for Self Love
  • 6 Kinds of Rest You Didn't Know You Needed
  • How to Practice Self Love in Difficult Family Dynamics
  • More...
ACISL - Bonus Energy Reset Icon

Bonus: How to Reset Your Energy in 90-Seconds

In this exclusive training, you'll learn how to work with your energy in practical & powerful ways that have an immediate impact on your attitude and intention. 

You'll learn to disconnect from negative thoughts and energy-sucking vampires. Regain focus and clarity in record time. Keep positive energy flowing all day long. 

This is a complete training that sells for $197. 

ACISL - Bonus Community Icon

Bonus: Access to the Self Love Support Community

Finding people who are committed to their own growth and development is not always easy. 

You'll be able to connect with our community to support you through your journey. These are like-minded people who are dedicated Self Love and actively practicing it in their lives. I don't need to tell you how rare this is, or how valuable. 

You'll have access for life because the Self Love journey never ends. It only gets better.

Taught by someone who has researched, tested, taught, and LIVED these ideas for years with thousands of people from all walks of life. 

Meet Nick Hansinger

Why Self Love? 
From the Desk of Nick Hansinger 
Carlsbad, CA

If you told me 10 years ago that Self Love was the secret to making radical changes in your life and achieving extraordinary results...

I NEVER would have believed you.

And yet today I have dozens of stories of people just like you learning how to love themselves in a healthy way, and experiencing freedom and happiness like they never thought possible.

There was a moment when I realized that despite all the well-meaning talk about Self Love you see today, there was not a depth of understanding- a proven method- to guide you step-by-step. 

Maybe you're aware of the negative self-talk, and self-criticism. The self-punishment, guilt or shame around past decisions or failures. But how do you actually heal it and make a lasting change? 

Until now, there has been no grounded and clear process to resolve the traumas, heal old wounds, release toxic energy, and solve the endless feeling of "not enough-ness" so you can have a fresh, new, and revitalized relationship with yourself.

These are the exact teachings I use for myself and my VIP clients. The same method that has unleashed a flood of Love, Joy, and Prosperity in their lives. 

Now it's your turn.

Imagine finally having a sense of quietude your head, and peace in your heart, that you can access anytime you want. 

Imagine feeling safe and free to express your desires and needs. 

Imagine all the energy you'll have when you stop people-pleasing and drop perfectionism...for good.

Imagine feeling at home in your own skin. Free to be more of all the wonderful things you already are and able to access more of your potential day by day. 

This is all available to you, and much much more. Self Love will impact every area of your life in profound ways. 


Enroll now and you'll instantly receive:

  • 5 modules of deep training on the Foundations of Self Love. 
  • 6 group coaching calls for laser coaching on your specific needs. 
  • Healing Meditations for Self Love
  • Daily Messages for Self Love (delivered to your inbox daily) 
  • Supplemental support trainings and resources (an ever expanding library for advanced studies and practices
  • How to Reset Your Energy in 90-Seconds (a stand-alone training to help you master you energy
  • Lifetime access to the Self Love Support Community. 
  • Lifetime access to all training and materials. 

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Susan Koziak

Event Planner & Self Care Coach

"This whole program \was just put together so thoughtfully and it's such a complete overall look at Self Love that it's honestly amazing.

Things in my life are showing up in a much more refined way- in a delicate way, in a subtle way...It feels so much better.

I woke up this morning like, "Wow, I feel really good!"

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What do I get when I join A Course in Self Love? 

You get immediate access to all course lessons the moment you join, and the course layout is very simple to use. You'll be learning with ease just a few minutes from now. 

You'll also receive access to new inspirational and thought-provoking messages daily in your email. 

How long is the course? Will I have time for this? 

This course has been designed to provide invaluable insight and tangible results as quickly as possible. The process is intended to take you on a transformational journey over 6 weeks. Each will will require about 2-3 hours of time. Much of it split into small, easily digestible chunks. You can easily revisit any lessons whenever you need. 

All of that being said, this is a zero-pressure zone. You'll be encouraged to take it at your own pace every step of the way. 

When does enrollment start?

A Course in Self Love is a self-directed online course, so you can go at your own pace. You decide when you start and when you finish. If you want to binge-watch it right now, you can. If you prefer to learn bit-by-but, that's ok too. Either way, you'll have access to everything, forever. 

When are the live coaching calls? 

I run 8-week sessions about 4 times a year. The dates for the current and upcoming session are listed on the next page at the bottom. You can drop into the current session, or join the  upcoming session. When you enroll, someone will reach out to you directly to be sure you have everything you need to join these powerful sessions. 

What if I don't like the course? 

No problem. Every student in A Course in Self Love is protected by a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. It's a risk-free investment for you. 

I still have questions. How do I contact you? 

Send me an email to nick@nickhansinger.com. Or text me at 775-453-0724. 

Enroll Now...Class is in session! 

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A Course in Self Love Special Pricing

A Course in Self Love Special Payment Plan

Still Not Sure? I have a 100%, Absolutely No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I am confident that you'll be happy with the course. Hundred of people have taken my paid trainings and they almost never ask for a refund.

Of course, if you're not pleased with your purchase, then I think you should get your money back. That's why I offer a 100% money back guarantee that lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can take the entire course and if you're not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, just let me know and you'll get your money back. I will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.

I'll even let you keep full access to the training as my gift to you to say Thanks for giving it a try. 

There is literally no risk to you and this is one of the best investments you will make in yourself. Guaranteed.

Christi "Pipqueen" Holcomb

FOREX Trader and Chef

"I look back on myself from a year ago, and I think to myself, 'Who was that woman?'

I didn't like myself. I definitely didn't love myself. I was lost.

I let go of so much from my past- so much of it I didn't realize existed. Now I can give more from a health place


Courtney Harter

"Nick helped me to heal my lyme disease. 

My chronic fatigue was gone. It was a healing miracle. My life has gotten so much easier, I almost didn't know what to do with myself." 

Amanda Ranae
Executive Consultant, Coach & Author

"Nick helped me resolve a core issue that had been affecting every area of my life! I’ve found a happiness in myself I didn’t even know was possible!!"

Tanya Rayvn Star

"Nick shined an amazing light on who I am and how I interact with the world. It had a huge impact in my relationships and even my business." 

Brandie Rivera

I really love working with Nick. He has helped me sort out a lot of programing and patterns that I wasn’t able to see in the most loving way. After every session, I feel lighter and full of clarity and more self-accepting.

Matthew Cooke
Founder, Body Based Breakthrough

My anxiety has completely gone away and my income doubled in a year. Nick was there for me every step of the way through some huge life challenges."

Maria Palumbo
Relationship Coach & Trauma Specialist

"Nick's work is paramount for the peace I feel now. Immediately I felt a deep sense of relaxation. My creativity returned, expression, and my energy is now continuing to build."

Amber Seitz
Massage Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Guide

Nick's simple, yet powerful practices that helped me so very much. My life is completely improved and I have so much gratitude to you Nick for guiding me through. 

Beth Ross Buckley
Founder, Camarada Chamber Ensemble

Nick really knows how to create a magical journey unique to each and every person.


Imagine where you could be this time next year, or five years from now when you step in for YOU today. This is your chance. You deserve the best. 

It will never get any easier than this.

A Course in Self Love Special Pricing

A Course in Self Love Special Payment Plan

About Nick

  • Nick is known as The Mystic Next Door and is one of the most highly trained and experienced energy healing practitioners in the USA. 

  • As a practitioner, coach, and Energy Healing Trainer, Nick has taught hundreds of people including  business leaders & executives, healers, entrepreneurs, coaches, doctors, lawyers, parents, and people from every walk you can think of, to help them have more calm, focus, confidence, clarity, and presence. 

  • Nick specializes in helping people recover from depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma recovery.

  • Through his unique system, The Five Foundations of Self Love™, Nick will help you make peace with yourself and your past, end self-criticism and judgement, and stop self-sabotage. 

  • His teachings on Self Love will help you form a new understanding of yourself, and finally access the confidence and clarity to ignite your purpose and set yourself free. 

"Working with Nick has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life."
-Matthew Cooke, Founder of Body Based Breakthrough

Meet Nick Hansinger