Access Your Inner Peace in 90-Seconds (or less...)

Learn How to Set Yourself Free from Negative People and Heavy, Stuck Energy

Negative people and situations stressing you out and draining your energy?

Feeling overwhelmend, with a tight chest and unable to think?

Imagine if you could reset your energy  to calm, clear, happy, and peaceful whenever you need it in less than 2-minutes...

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  • Nick Hansinger

    “I use these techniques every day now, and I'm getting so much more done with none of the negative mind chatter I used to have. It's like a new lease on life. Wish I had learned this YEARS ago. Totally worth the time. ”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “The technique to disconnect from negative energy and thoughts is a true LIFE SAVER. I recommend this to everyone I know. ”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “I've been doing the breathing exercises 3-4 times per day and they're really helping me keep anxiety in check.”

Your energy impacts everything you do. 

Not enough energy and you're dragging yourself through the day, looking for another hit of caffeine to get through. 

Too much and you're wired, unable to focus, bouncing from one thing to another. Insanely "busy" but somehow very little seems to get done.

Anxious energy sends up in into your head, overthinking, over burdened, and making it difficult to make clear, confident decisions. 

Worry energy paralyses you. Overwhelmed. Not sure of yourself or the right thing and afraid of what can happen if you get it wrong. 

Then there's OTHER people's energy. Invading your space. Projecting their negativity all over you. Weighing you down with a bunch of things you never asked for. Just...Blech!

Sure, you can take a mental health day. Get out into nature with your bare feet on the ground. Hug a tree. Lay in the grass. Get a massage. Take a yoga class...but....

What about when you don't have time for all of that. What if you only have a few minutes to turn your energy around so you don't drag all of that stress into that important meeting, or worse, bring it home to your family! 

There are three things you need to know about energy in order to accomplish this, and three techniques to make it happen. 

Here's how it works...

3 Steps to Reset Your Energy and Brain

Stop Energy Drains and Restore Your Vitality

Want to crawl back into bed by 3pm because you're exhausted? Wondering how half your day went by without checking anything off your list? 

Stressing out about how you're going to catch up and get back on track?

Instead of reaching for more caffeine and burning out your adrenals, learn how to stop your energy leaks  and access energy you didn't know you had faster than it takes for the coffee to hit your system.  

Release Negative and Toxic Energy Instantly

Politics, viruses, social unrest, negative news and media...the stress and anxiety is practically oozing out of people these days. 

Sometimes it feels like you need a shower after yet another long zoom meeting. 

Rather than shutting out the world and hiding away with cat videos, what if you could release that negative and toxic energy before it drains you or ruins your day? 

End the Incessant Mental Chatter and Quiet Your Inner Critic

18 different tabs open and overwhelmed, trying to figure out what to do next? 

Waking up at 3am with a head full of worries.

Beating yourself up for not getting enough done or saying the right things.

Learn how to quiet your mind in 3 simple steps so you can get back to focusing on the things that matter most. 

Your Energy is Your Life...

People meet your energy before they even say a word to you whether they realize it or not. 

Your energy goes into everything you do. Your work, the people you work with, your home, your family, your cooking...everything...

Clean, clear, calm & centered energy is key to a happy, healthy, more successful life. 

This video training will teach you three simple techniques so you can reset your energy anytime anywhere. 

I've taught these same techniques to...

  • Lawyers who use them in the courtroom
  • Doctors and nurses who use them in the ER
  • Corporate executives who use them before, during and after meetings to close multi-million dollar deals
  • Parents who are stressed out and don't want to take it out on their families
  • Entrepreneurs who are constantly getting distracted trying to do it all
  • You name it...

Every time, these same techniques help them to...

Make a shift in their energy so they can have more freedom and clarity.

Make better decisions with more confidence

Reconnect with their intuitive knowing and best selves

Release stress before it builds up and destroys their health, peace, sleep, and happiness. 

"I don't know what I'd do without these tools. These are like basic survival skills in this day and age." -Sun

"Before I used to need an hour to decompress after work before I was ready to spend time with my family. Now it takes me about 5 minutes. Thank you!" -Jeff

"I had no idea how much heavy, negative energy I was picking up and holding onto every day until I learned to let it go the right way." -Anna

It's not complicated, and that's the whole point...

Who needs another long, drawn out "process" that you don't have time for? It sounds great at first until you try to fit it into your day. Then it's just another thing you DON'T do (and let's be honest, probably beat yourself up for not doing because you know you need some self-care). 

When you have something you can do in about 90-seconds, you can make an instant shift without losing momentum in your day. And you can do it whenever you need to, rather than having to wait until you have the time and space.

Working with your energy is a game changer. 

It literally impacts every area of your life in profound ways. 

Imagine the last negative experience you had. How much time did you spend replaying it in your head? weighed down by heavy energy? Angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. 

Was it an hour? A Day? More? 

What if you could get out of that cycle in half the time? Or Less? What if you could get back to a calm, happy place in just a few minutes? 

Now you can.

And when you get started today I've got some great gifts for you...

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Bonus #1: Energy Activating Exercises

Sitting in front of a computer is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Yet here we are...

These simple exercises that anyone can do will help you from getting sedentary during the day. They take between 5-10 minutes depending on your pace and are perfect for...

  • Getting your body and energy moving first thing in the morning so you can wake up easier
  • Breaking up stuck and stagnant energy (qi) in your body
  • Activating your body's systems so they work more efficiently
  • Getting more oxygen in your blood so your cells can restore more quickly

This is a specific sequence of exercises that unlocks energy in your body so it can release, heal, and recover more quickly. You'll learn a very gentle version for calming, and a more active version for energizing. 

Value $37


Bonus #2: Secrets to Better Sleep

Did you know that your energy and the energy you carry with you has a profound impact on your sleep? 

This special bonus modules will show you how to improve your sleep so you can wake up refreshed and inspired, rather than dragging yourself out of bed. 

You'll also receive a 90-minute sleep audio to soothe your body and mind into a state of deep rest and recovery. You can use it for power naps (just set an alarm on your phone) or to help you drift off at night, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. 

Value $47

Yours for free when you purchase today. 


Bonus #3: Mystic Sound Healing Archive

Sound healing is one of the most easy, gentle, and powerful methods for deep healing and stress release.

Mystic Sound Healing™ is a unique development in sound healing techniques. Using Tibetan Singing Bowls and guided healing meditations to help your body and mind release negative energy, emotions, and old traumas. 

In this special selection of you'll get guided healing journeys for...

  • Releasing old wounds and trauma
  • Developing more self love
  • Accessing your super-healing state
  • Healing Heart Connection
  • More...

Currently these recordings are not available anywhere else for purchase. You can only receive them when as part of this special offer. 

Value: $197

Singing Bowl - Rishikesh

Save Over 80% on this Video Training When You Get Started Today...

The retail price for this unique training that teaches you how to recover and restore your priceless energy is $197. 

It's worth every penny. YOU'RE worth every penny. 

These are trying times, and as we move into a new cycle of evolution, your energy is more important than ever. Learning how to work with your energy is the difference between being in control of your life and guiding it in the direction you choose, or being helplessly dragged through everything this world has to throw at you.

That's why I'm offering this right now for $37 (including the bonuses). 

So that's a total of $478 of value for only $37. 

The most common feedback I hear about this course is, "Everyone I know needs to learn this." 

Parents teach these techniques to their kids. 

I've had a nurse practitioner use these for her stressed out patients.  

I've had couples on the brink of divorce use these tools to open a new door to love and re-connection. 

And I totally agree that these are basic survival skills that EVERYONE living in our modern, chaotic, noisy and mixed-up world needs. 

I hope you'll choose to be part of the positive change you want to see in the world, and I know that these skills will help you to bring more light and love and health into your life, and the lives of the people you touch each and every day. 

Now's your chance to get started for only $37...

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Nick Hansinger
The Mystic Next Door

Nick is one of the most highly trained and experienced energy healing practitioners in the USA. 

As a healer, coach, and Energy Mastery® Certified Trainer, Nick has taught these same techniques to hundreds of people including  business leaders & executives, healers, entrepreneurs, coaches, doctors, lawyers, parents, and people from every walk you can think of, to help them have more calm, focus, confidence, clarity, and presence. 

Nick also uses advanced healing techniques to help people recover from depression, anxiety, and addiction, as well as physical illness and disease and trauma. 

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