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Immerse Yourself in Healing Sounds

The Mystic Chamber is where you go to unlock your body and mind. This music is specifically designed to...

  • Release mental chatter and emotional clutter
  • Cleanse stuck and stagnant energy locked in your body
  • Access a deeply receptive and creative state

This 12-minute MP3 audio is perfect for a quick escape from a busy day. It also plays seamlessly on repeat for longer and deeper healing experiences. 

There is no vocal guidance. Only healing sounds. 

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Nick Hansinger is the Mystic Next Door. He brings over 25 years of experience as a professional musician playing everything from the great orchestral works of Beethoven and Mozart to jazz and popular music.

Combining all of his experience in performing, writing and arranging music with his years of study and practice helping thousands of people to heal and transform their lives through the Energy Mastery® System, this audio is the synthesis of his deep knowledge of healing and vast experience in music brought to the ancient art of sound healing. 

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The Mystic Chamber Sound Healing

Enter The Mystic Chamber for an immersive sound healing experience. Let go of the mental and emotional clutter weighing you down.