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This assessment process is designed to get you clearly pointed in the right direction, and provide you with actionable tools to support you moving forward. 

Here's how it works...

Step 1: You'll take the assessment. 

Step 2: I'll send you an extensive PDF report that acts as a sort of "Owner's manual" for your human vehicle. 

Step 3: We'll schedule a Zoom session to go through your results in detail. These sessions typically run 60-90 minutes in order to cover all of the information. 

Step 4: You'll receive a recording of the session to review as needed. It's a LOT of information, and as you revisit the recording, you'll gain new insights. It'll also give you something to revisit if you ever feel yourself getting off track  or confused. 

Step 5: We'll schedule a 30-minute follow-up to answer any questions coming up and make sure you have actionable strategies to stay on track. 

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Human Optimization Assessment

The Human Optimization Assessment reveals vital information in 5 key areas. 

  1. Natural talents and capabilities
  2. Authentic needs and motivations
  3. Level of tolerance for people, places and things
  4. Unique method of communicating and connecting and committing information to memory
  5. Amount of physical energy they have to contribute on a daily basis