Heal Yourself

Healing isn't just for when you're sick. It is an integral part of the path to your highest goals and dreams. Whatever it is that you really want, it is on the other side of some form of healing. 

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

My goal is to put the tools and skills in your own two hands so that you can take control and live a happier, healthier, more vibrant and productive life. 


Resources to for Self Healing and Recovery at Your Fingertips

With all of the information about natural healing and wellness available on the internet, I wanted to keep this as simple as possible so that you can get the care you need without going down endless rabbit holes.

After decades of practice, study, and research, I've curated the very best from numerous healing methodologies to create resources that give rapid results. 

Mystic Sound Healing™

A harmonious blend of diverse healing modalities, each carefully chosen from years of dedicated practice.

Mystic Sound Healing™ integrates vibrational healing, breathing techniques, energy cleansing, and guided meditation into one seamless experience. 

How to Reset Your Energy in 90-Seconds (or less)

The survival tool kit for an over-stimulated and noisy world, especially for introvert and empaths. 

Learn skills that will help to keep you grounded, focused, and energized no matter what's going on around you. 

In-Person Training for Advanced Healing Techniques

If you would like to be trained in advanced healing and energy techniques for Self Mastery, apply for this in-person training to learn The Mystic Healing Method™. 

Especially for Creators...

Every creative knows the weight of a block, the drain of endless revisions, and the pressure to constantly innovate.

But there's a space, a method, a moment of recalibration waiting just for you. Step out of the pressure-cooker, clear the mental clutter, and get back to what you love without the constant threat of burnout.

For the artist in you seeking balance and a fresh start – this is your cue. 

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Best night of sleep in a LONG time! And having a more productive morning than I have had in a long time! Thank you!!!”


  • Full Moon Sound Healing December 2021 Full Moon Sound Bath

    “What I love about the healings is the intensity. It's a good, calming, relaxing place. I fade in and out during the healing but feel so refreshed and rejuvenated in the end. Aches and pains are gone, stress has faded away. I'm always sorry it has to end!”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “It's pure bliss.”

  • Full Moon Sound Healing December 2021 Full Moon Sound Bath

    “I've never experienced anything like it. The sounds, the energy, the space...all incredible. Nick really knows how to create a magical journey unique to each and every person. ”

  • Full Moon Sound Healing December 2021 Full Moon Sound Bath

    “I have never done one of these before and it was so relaxing!!

    I had some tears that were needing to come out! Felt the healing from the start which was so beautiful heart_eyes My whole body was vibrating and I actually feel asleep during it. Slept a ton also.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Nick for sharing your amazing gifts with us! You are a blessing to all!!!”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Nick's love was felt through his appreciation of the craft & attention to the flow that came through the live broadcast and into my home...

    ...feelings of healing waves flooded my body, relaxed is an understatement. A floating feeling came over my body.
    Deep gratitude came over me and I just kept smiling with Joy!”

The Mystic Sound Healing™ Album

A guided healing journey deeply attuned to the forces of nature. Harnessing powerful vibrations to restore harmony on every level of your being. 

As a Full Moon Sound Healing participant, you get $10 off. 


The Mystic's Meditations™

Guided Journeys for Healing and Transformation

The Jedi Healing Trance

This is a powerful guided meditation process. With it, you’ll achieve…
  • Deep relaxation for your body so you can release deeply held stress patterns and stagnant energy so your body can access more resources for healing.

  • Healing state of mind where you will access dormant processes for healing and recovery, accelerating your natural ability to restore your energy and vitality many times over.  

  • Energetic cleanse and balancing of all the major systems so you can restore optimal balance and function.

Includes 1-hour guided audio, 3-hour extended version, and 3-hour music only version.

The Mystic's Meditations for Self Love 

This collection of healing meditation journeys is specifically designed to help you embody the foundations of Self Love. 

Each meditation is long enough for deep healing and transformation to occur and short enough for you to use frequently without taking a ton of time out of your day. 

There are meditations for: 

  • Releasing Guilt & Shame
  • Self Care and Healing
  • Connecting with your Heart and Embodying the Essence of Love
  • Releasing Self-Doubt, Worry, Anxiety & Fear
  • Connecting with Your Divine Nature
  • More...

Connect with Your Full Potential Self Meditation

This simple, yet powerful meditation will help you create more Energy, Focus and Clarity instantly. You'll be guided step by step to...

  • Connect with your full potential Self effortlessly.
  • Release unwanted stress and negativity.
  • Create a dynamic flow of energy in your body and your energetic system.
    Restore your health and vitality.

"Now that I've learned this process, I can shift my full potential Self anytime I want. Over time, this meditation has made a huge impact in my life" 


Meditation to Restore Your Health and Vitality

This healing meditation will guide you through a proven process to heal and restore your health and physical vitality. Using ancient meditation and breathing techniques to restore your energetic system to balance and reset your body's systems. 

"The meditation for healing has been amazing! The chronic pain I have been experiencing for years is significantly reduced, almost gone! I am blown away by this! I can't thank you enough for all you do to help me and so many others!"