Want to have more energy, health and abundance than ever?

Access your hidden formula to overcome stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, and worry so you can live your purpose & manifest the life you want...

If you're hitting the wall, not creating the reality you want—there's an energetic reason for this.

That energetic reason is something that has been in your field for awhile...yet it's easy to solve when you work with energy IN THE RIGHT WAY

Headaches? Adrenal fatigue? Pain? Low energy, and not feeling like yourself? Not sure if your immune system is up to the task?

There is a hidden formula that your body and brain already know, but don't access because we've forgotten how...

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"...Intense hip pain was preventing me from living an active life for over 5 years. I was constantly in some level of pain. After one session it was gone...and hasn't returned since!..."

"...I had so many emotions buried inside of me that were eating away at my energy and confidence. Frustrated, angry and disconnected from my family. Now that I finally know how to deal with these things I feel like I've got my mojo back."

"...I've finally got my life back from the depths of depression and anxiety. I'm now living in my dream house, in an ideal location, in the best relationship of my life with the partner I've always wanted." 

"...I was stressed beyond belief and all of my relationships were feeling the strain. Even my kids. I finally have the energy, presence, and awareness to say in my highest Self even when things go wrong or get stressful." 

"...I was constantly afraid of getting sick, and worried about every little thing. My health is now better than its ever been and I know that I have the tools to heal anything that comes my way." 

"...I finally understand how energy works in my life after searching, studying, and taking courses for years. This is the first class that has given me clear steps, a scientific process, and produced lasting results." 

"...My self care is now simpler than I thought possible, and I have more energy than I know what to do with." 

Energy is the invisible force that controls your life

Since it's unseen, and vastly misunderstood, most people are flying blind through the world, hoping for the best. 

Whatever your energy is, so will be your experience of life. 

Low energy- feel uninspired. Pressured to get things done, constantly behind. Self-disappointment becomes the norm. 

Scattered energy- going in a million different directions at once. Your head gets confused. Self-doubt sets in and you become overwhelmed. 

"Negative" energy- you constantly see the worst in people and situations, which increases worry and anxiety. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as your worst fears continue to come true. 

Excessive energy- Feeling over-charged and ungrounded, like you can't focus and often forget important things. You're very busy, but somehow nothing significant changes. Productivity suffers, and when you crash, you crash hard. 

Frustrated energy- Pressure pressure pressure. Everything is a struggle and it feels like you're fighting just to get by. This can often boil into anger with yourself or others until you burn out, or something breaks. 

All of these experiences have their own energetic pattern and key to unlock them. The trick is in knowing how to apply the formula. Fortunately, you don't need to spend years cracking the code on your own. You can learn the simple formulas we've developed over the past 20 years of practice, study, and experimentation. 

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Negative & Toxic energy dragging you down? 

Our world is louder and more toxic than ever. 

From dangerous chemicals in our everyday environments, to air and noise pollutions, to violence, anger, fear and conflict, to radiation from the ubiquitous devices that run our lives, assaulting our very cellular structure. The list goes on...

I'm not here to argue whether things should or shouldn't be this way. Truth is, I'm a huge fan of modern life. But I'm an even bigger fan of health and happiness. There's a way to have both, and that's why it's more important than ever to learn how to tap into your amazing abilities of healing and recovery.

And we better do it quickly, because...

We are hitting some all-time highs, and not in the good way...

Over half of our population in the USA regularly takes some form of prescription medication. Let that number sink in for a moment...

Anxiety and depression are off the charts, and it's no wonder. Global pandemic. Constant changes upsetting the flow of life. Immense pressure to keep up, being pulled every which way. 

Stress compromises the immune system, and it doesn't take long before it hits your physical body.

Have you ever noticed that when you finally catch a break in your schedule, you wind up sick? That used to happen to me all the time. I'd go go go, waiting for the moment when things would 'slow down' so I could 'catch a break' and then BAM, I'd be stuck in bed. This is called this "forced recovery"...

...and it's your body's way of saying, "Enough is enough!" Kinda like when you were a kid, and you'd push mom one step too far and she'd lose it.

As we age, the body doesn't recover as quickly. Before you know it...

  • One illness after another
  • Mysterious aches and pains that take longer and longer to go away
  • Injuries that don't heal
  • Fatigue and burnout

And sure, you might be getting by ok, but you just don't feel fully like yourself, and you wonder what happened to that youthful energy. 

Youthful, inspired energy sometimes seems a lifetime away, but it doesn't need to be that way.  

Unlimited energy at your fingertips- really...

Lots of people walk around feeling like zombies; Drained of energy, sluggish. Reaching for the next shot of caffeine to fill the gap and get them through. Let's be very clear, I'm NOT asking you to give up coffee, but wouldn't life be better if you could drink it because you LOVE it, not because you NEED it? Let me explain...

Imagine that you just finished work, and you're exhausted. Maybe you were in front of screens all day long and your brain isn't working anymore, or maybe you were putting out one fire after another from the moment your feet hit the ground; Whatever the case, all you want to do is eat some comfort food and zone out in front of the TV.

But suddenly...

..there's a knock at the door. Which is weird, because who even comes over without texting first?! Against your better judgement, you answer the door, and there stands publisher's clearing house with a ginormous check for millions of dollars. 

How tired are you now? 

Do you take the check, shoo them away and sit back down on the couch with your ice cream? No.

You're infused with energy. You probably won't sleep that night.

So, where did all that energy come from?

The simple answer is that it was there all along. You just didn't know how to access it. And when you can't access the energy, your body and mind don't have the resources they need to heal and recover properly. 

The vast majority of people who feel exhausted do not lack energy. They actually have too much dirty, spent, and congested energy, and it's getting stuck and stagnant because you haven't learned the right way to work with your energy.

If you're not getting good sleep, or you're waking up feeling exhausted, this is why.

Dragging a head full of anxiety to bed with you doesn't help, because even when you do finally fall asleep, your body can't get into a restorative cycle because it's working too hard to process the energetic mess from the day.

It's kind of like having a big kink in the water hose. There's plenty of water, but it can't get through to replenish and refresh you.. 

There is always enough Energy. You just need to know how to access it...

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A proven system for healing and transformation

You don't need to spend years "researching" to cobble together a system that 'kind of' works. I'll teach you a step-by-step process that you can use every single day for yourself and for others. It's the same system I've taught to medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. And the same system I use personally every day. 

With over 20 years of development and practice behind us, you'll receive the most potent techniques and formulas available. 


Energy first is my motto. It's the simplest way to make a change, and shocking how many things start to sort themselves out as soon as your energy is cleaned up. The trick is knowing the right way to work with  energy. 


Your energy and the circumstances of your life are the result of your mindset, both conscious and subconscious. Mindset is a key piece for lasting change, but it doesn't need to be so complicated and MENTAL! 

Enlightened Living

There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Morpheus knew it, and you know it too.

You'll learn  the  tools to stay on your highest path and purpose, no matter what life throws your way. 

Step One: Learn the right way to work with your energy first...

We've been taught from the time we were little to solve problems with our minds. The story goes that if we can get the 'right' answer, the problem will somehow disappear. There are a few problems with this theory. 

First, your body and mind are immensely complex. I've worked with many people who spent years trying to get a diagnosis that would tell them what was going on with their body. And even after they got it, there was no clear solution. 

Almost no one takes the time to consider what's going on with their energy because it's unseen; invisible. And even if they do stop to think about it, they don't have a tangible way to assess and verify what's actually going on. 

Yet even with severe, long-standing conditions, as soon as we start to working on their energy and making sure the body has the right energy to heal and recover, the vast majority of problems disappear. It's not magic. It's a scientific formula. 

Why does it work? 

Because your body already knows how to heal itself. Need proof? When you cut yourself, your body instantly fires off a series of events to start the healing process. 

It's the same with your energy.

Your body is constantly working to recover and restore, and it needs energy to do that; The right kind of energy flowing in the right way to resolve whatever challenges are coming up and restore to its natural state, which is vibrant health. 

Some people think it's normal to get sick regularly because that's been their experience. This belief system keeps the same patterns playing out again and again like a bad record, which is why this next part is so important...

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Intense pain gone in one session.

"About 5 years ago, pain started in my hip. It was pretty intense. Noticeable all day with any activity. Probably an 8 on a scale from 1-10.

6 months later...I haven't had any hip pain since our session! Thank you for your gift! ❤"

Heather Wallace-Kaprzyk
Former Dancer


Step 2: Heal Your Mindset, Resolve Traumas, and Finally Put Your Inner Critic to Rest...

This whole 'mindset' thing gets really, well...MENTAL! There is a way to make peace inside yourself, and fulfill your dreams and goals, but it's not what you think...

Mindset myth #1: "Mindset is everything, and nothing else matters." It sounds like this, "You just need to be more 'positive.' If you just think happy thoughts, everything will change." But it doesn't...

This is the reason people have post-it notes with affirmations papered all over their house, but can't seem to make a lasting change. It gets better for a minute, then it's back to business as usual. I'll explain why in a minute. 

Mindset myth #2: "It's all in your head. Mindset can't change the 'Reality' of the physical world." I once worked with a man who tore his rotator cuff pretty badly. After working on it for about 10 minutes, the pain was significantly reduced and his range of motion had doubled.

When I suggested that his body might actually know how to heal itself, and he might be able to avoid the surgery his doctors talked him into, he immediately rejected the idea.


Because he didn't believe that his body could heal without the surgery. Even though he had just experienced immediate results! 

Faulty mindset causes this kind of self-sabotage all the time. More on this in a moment...

Mindset myth #3: "I don't need to work on my mindset because I already work on my energy."

Leaving the mind almost entirely out of the equation, thinking that a few positive affirmations or some tapping will do the trick, is a surefire way to set yourself up for self-sabotage. 

You will feel better for a minute, but over time, your mind will recreate the challenge or invent a new one. This speaks directly to the heart of the problem and the powerful role of the mind in healing. 

The Truth about Mindset

Your upbringing, innate nature, conditioning, and other experiences have created habits and patterns that continue to play out in your life every day. This is your belief structure, and when you experience something outside of your belief structure, it threatens you at a very deep level. This is when your sub-conscious mind steps in and brings you back to your "default setting."

We call it "Bad luck," or coincidence, and blame people or circumstance. Let's call it what it is- Self-Sabotage. 

Here are some examples.  Which ones can you relate to? 

  • Things start going well in your life, then you start to worry; waiting for the other shoe to drop. No matter what you do, you never seem to feel truly settled and contented. 
  • You shut down golden opportunities because the "Timing isn't right" or you're "Too busy" 
  • Just when you're about to make a major change in your life for the better, some drama comes along that distracts you and derails you; an argument with your spouse, you get sick or hurt yourself, or there is another emergency that costs you time and money, which prevents you from moving forward. 
  • You finally get a breakthrough in your income or career, but somehow the money is gone before you know what happened. 
  • It seems impossible to have all the areas of your life going well at the same time; you're always putting out some kind of fire or dealing some problem. 

There are literally countless iterations of these patterns playing out. These are just a few. The bottom line is this...

Your mindset- especially your subconscious beliefs and patterns- determines the circumstances of your life and energy. 

And what's more, because you are unique, and your experiences are unique, these beliefs and patterns are locked in your mind and energy in a very specific way. This is not something you can think your way out of because your subconscious mind is calling the shots. 

So, what can you do instead? 

In this class, you'll learn the 5 patterns of self-sabotage, and exactly what you can do to stop them dead in their tracks.

When you combine deep energy cleansing with powerful mindset shifts, you have a winning formula you can use every day to heal, grow, and expand into your highest potential. 

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I can confidently say that without Nick and his healing techniques, I'm not sure where I would be. This past week I had a terrific getaway to Cali (currently live in Nebraska). I was surrounded around some pretty cool peeps, some salt air, dreaming, and doing. I was feeling pretty awesome. 

As soon as I got home, it felt like I hit rock bottom. I was sad. Confused. Overwhelmed. Lonely. It was almost like there was a part of me was unraveling. My sensitivity went through the roof- and I'm already VERY sensitive to energy. 

These severe ups and downs had been a long-time pattern for me, but this time I used one of the formulas I learned in class, and I felt the release. (thank you magic box!)

Nick Hansinger, thank you for creating this space.

Kimberly Ann Treacy
Big Red SEO


Living your Enlightened Life

I'm a big fan of rapid transformation, but not at the expense of lasting change.

When I sat down in my first class with Nick, I had already been studying healing, human transformation, peak performance, philosophy, and spirituality for almost 20 years. Not just reading books either. It was actively taking what I learned and applying it, and investing in my continued growth and education. I've easily spent over $100,000 on courses and trainings looking for solutions. 

So, you could say that I had been around the block a few times and clearly I was willing to do the work. Yet time and again, I would make a little progress, then it would grind to a halt, and certain issues just never resolved. 

I still had a lot of anxiety. After years of practice, meditation was still frustrating and ineffective. And I wasn't making progress in my business and professional life the way I wanted. 

Everything changed when I learned these techniques. I knew that I had found something different; something that was profoundly transformative, but also very simple to use. 

On the second day of that training I experienced a kind of peace and quietude in my head that I hadn't felt in years. It all started to make sense. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because I want you know that your journey of healing and transformation doesn't have to be an endless road to nowhere; Lonely, frustrating, expensive, and disappointing. 

Because I want you to know that there are those of us out here who are on the path with you, and that there  are answers to the questions you're asking and solutions to your problems so that you can live the life you really desire. 

The path of mastery isn't for fair-weather friends. It requires dedication and discipline. I can teach you the tools and formulas, but you will need to pick them up, and apply them in your life. This is enlightened living. 

It's something we live and breathe because it's worth it. YOU'RE worth it. 

On the other side is peace and empowerment that you've never known. You're invited to join us. If you feel called, click below and fill out the form now. 

Are you ready? 

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"Nick helped me to heal my lyme disease and taught me how to work with energy because I was very sensitive and constantly spinning out.

My chronic fatigue was gone after his 2-day training. It was a healing miracle. My life has gotten so much easier, I almost didn't know what to do with myself." 

Since class, I've started my own business, moved to the beach, which was a lifelong dream, and I feel empowered to handle anything that comes my way." 

Courtney Harter

Nick Teaching Healing Techniques

Vibrant community

We have graduates all over the country using this system to change lives.

Doctors in the ER. Lawyers in the jails and courtroom. Parents. Teachers. C-suite executives of billion-dollar corporations. Start-up entrepreneurs. Healers. Coaches. 

They all have one thing in common; They put energy first so that they can be the very best version of themselves, and they took it seriously enough to learn the right way to work with energy in their lives for more peace, happiness, love, productivity and prosperity. 

Are you ready to join this elite group of graduates? 

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Healing your way to your best life and lasting fulfillment. 

Healing is necessary for every human being. And constantly outsourcing it others can cost you...BIG TIME! 

I'm not just talking about the monetary expense of doctor bills, co-pays, lost income, etc. 

I'm talking about the LIFE costs...

  • Feeling depressed, anxious or unfulfilled
  • Years lost spinning your wheels NOT making tangible progress toward your goals
  • Wasting precious time searching for answers, feeling like you've missed your chance
  • Lost time with loved ones

We all have precious little time in this life. Do you really want to spend it running a rat-race, constantly putting off the things you really want to be doing until you're too old, too tired, or too sick to do anything about it? 

Take control of your health and restore your vitality! 

If you ever get sick, injured or fatigued- anything from colds and headaches to chronic pain, illness and serious disease- imagine that you had the tools and skills to heal yourself.

I mean, who has time to go visit a doctor every time they're sick? Instead you might wind up  just waiting it out, hoping it's nothing serious or that it passes quickly. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I can tell you this for sure- having the ability to heal yourself, or at the VERY least help that process along is absolutely invaluable. 

If you ever experience emotional pain and suffering. Hurt, loss, trauma, depression and addiction, etc...These unseen scars destroy your peace and well-being. You can learn how to work with your mind and emotions to prevent these things from taking over your life, and ultimately to resolve them for good. 

I've been to some dark places in my life. It's horrible. Sometimes things seem utterly hopeless; like you'll never climb out of the hole. Learning how to heal yourself is how you take back control of your life. 

If you ever sabotage your own success and happiness, you can learn to understand and  stop those patterns without years of therapy.

You know how when things start going really well, then they suddenly spin out? Maybe you get sick (see above), maybe some drama takes over your life, or maybe conflicts in your relationships start to flare up. One way or the other you find yourself back where you started. A little more tired. A little more frustrated.

Self-sabotage is the #1 reason that people feel stuck in life. Learning how to work with your energy to solve the patterns and beliefs driving it is how you break free. 

If you ever have conflicts in you relationships, it's easy to point the finger and blame the other person. You may even have some valid points, but it's a rare person who is able to look at themselves in those situations and take ownership. It's an even rarer individual who will actively seek to change something within themselves. Personal Healing is, by far, the most effective and lasting form of conflict resolution in ANY kind of relationship. 

If you are dedicated to your Spiritual Journey, you can learn to stay on the course and walk your highest path. The saying goes that there are two places people fail on the spiritual path. 1) Not starting and 2) Not seeing it through. 

If you're here, you are on your journey seeking a higher path and purpose for your life; some deeper meaning.

Healing is what allows your subtle intuition to come through clearly to guide your life with more ease. It's also how you gain the confidence and self-trust to listen and  follow through on those messages, rather than waiting until you get a massive smackdown. 

I can't tell you how many people I've come across who found their spiritual calling, only to have the rest of their life spin into chaos and burn to the ground. They call that a spiritual awakening. I call it completely unnecessary spiritual shennanigans and tomfoolery.

Now is your time to thrive in EVERY area of your life...

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What does it look like? Can you do a demo? 

Sure. Just don't go all OCD trying to figure out exactly what I'm doing. Relax into your heart and you'll see more clearly. 

P.S. Here's the text I got from this student the next day. 

"Good morning Nick :) thank you so much for the training this weekend. What did you do at the end? I feel really good, stable ... it's awesome!!


If stress is such a big problem, can't I just meditate and call it good? 

If only...Don't even get me started on the whole meditation thing. Meditation isn't effective if your energy isn't sorted out. You shouldn't have to "Practice" meditation. It's a natural result of cleaning up your energy and eliminating the chatter in your head. 

Do I have to be "Sensitive" to energy to learn this kind of healing? 

No. I wasn't. The person who invented this system wasn't, and many of the students I've taught had zero exposure to energy healing before they set foot in my class.

You've already been working with energy your whole life because everything is energy, so you have more experience than you think. You'll learn YOUR language for it, and how to interact with it in your way. 

But what if I'm super-sensitive to energy? Can this help me? 

If you're hyper-sensitive to energy (empathic or HSP), you're going to need the best, most efficient system available. This is that system.

I've taught many people how to build the resiliency necessary to live a happy, productive life in this crazy energetic world. That's what this healing method does; it increases resiliency so that you don't get taken out by every little thing. 

Is this like Reiki / Do you do Reiki? 

The Mystic Healing Method™ is quite a bit different than Reiki. Reiki is a great starting point, and most people realize pretty quickly that there's a lot more to the story when it comes to working with energy, and seek more advanced training so they can have a better understanding and get more consistent results. 

The Mystic Healing Method™ is a perfect next step because you'll learn a more comprehensive and systematic method of working with the various physiological and energetic systems in the body as well as the crucial role the mind plays in healing. More importantly you'll learn a repeatable method to get all of those aspects of you to work together for a common goal and purpose; A brighter healthier you. 

Ok, but HOW is this different from Reiki? 

Fair enough. The Mystic Healing Method™ follows the natural laws of healing and is therefore based on removing dirty, congested energy FIRST so that the body's natural healing capabilities can be restored. This is easier on the practitioner, easier on the client, and helps your body in a healing cycle, so the effects last longer. 

Also, with The Mystic Healing Method™, there is a direct mechanism to help you release the thoughts and beliefs that created the problem in the first place. You'll learn how to access and solve mental and emotional disturbances, limitations and other destructive patterns on a deep, sub-conscious level, using the same laws of healing.


It's a simple process you'll learn to dump out all the junk in your head and make sure it gets resolved, rather than just getting released into the energy where it finds its way back in again.

It's kind of like a get out of jail free card for when you mind and emotions start to mess you up. 

More questions about this specifically? Email me at info@nickhansinger.com. One of the best ways to get a better grasp of the scope and potential of this amazing healing system is to experience it for yourself. You can hire me for a session if you want to do that.

Will I receive certification? 

Yes. You'll receive a certificate of completion that qualifies you as a practitioner. That's the short answer. In full transparency, for people who really want to use this to help others, there is a little more to the story. 

If you're a coach, counselor, or are currently doing other sorts of healing work for others, you should be able to start using this with others right away no problem. 

If you've never done healing work for another person before, you're going to want to lay the groundwork by using this for yourself and some trusted people first. In class, I'll give you a plan of action that will get you there as quickly as possible while honoring your unique process. This is important because I want for you and all of the people you serve to be happy, safe and healthy for years to come. 

I've helped a lot of people get started down this path, and it's incredibly rewarding. If you're called to this work, you couldn't ask for a better starting point. 

Is this a religion? Do I need to subscribe to any particular belief system? 

Um, no. I'm not down with telling people what to believe. All you'll need is a belief that something can change for the better in your life, and the willingness to do the work necessary for that change. I'm guessing you already have those two things if you made it this far.

You'll be pleased to know that the very first slide in you'll see in class says, "Don't take my word for it. Learn, Explore, and Experiment for yourself and draw your own conclusions." Seriously. Thinking for yourself is the first thing we cover.  So if you want a mindless training, or a cult experience, this is exactly the opposite.

How long is this going to take me to learn? 

Anybody can learn the Foundations, and start seeing immediate results in a 2-day class. Like anything, you'll need to practice daily, and continue training to master the skills and techniques. 

I'm kinda busy. How much time do I need to spend each day with these techniques to see any results? 

The basic recipe for feeling great takes about 10-minutes. We recommend using it once or twice a day. There are also very quick things you can use throughout your day to keep the good juju flowing. Like this...

"Each morning since the training, I’ve done the “basic self-care...” and I’ve LOVED it. I feel so much more calm and grounded and I finally have my energy back." -Helene

The deeper formulas for more specific conditions can take 45-min to an hour. If you have a pre-existing condition, or something bigger going on, you're going to want to use these more comprehensive formulas to fully resolve it. 

Where do your classes take place? 

I teach in person in San Diego, CA. It's beautiful here, and worth the trip to learn in an environment that is specifically designed for this exact purpose, rather than a hotel conference room.

Got a question I didn't address here? Email me at info@nickhansinger.com

  • Nick Hansinger

    “In one simple conversation, Nick was able to see some pieces of the puzzle that I wasn't aware of and gave me a few things to add to my daily routine to clean up some of the stuff that was weighing me down.

    Literally within 2 hours I experienced HUGE shifts where some really big opportunities came into my space in a way that BLEW MY MIND. ”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Working with Nick helped me resolve a core issue that had been affecting every area of my life! Since working with Nick, I’ve found a happiness in myself I didn’t even know was possible!!! ”


    Executive Consultant, Coach & Author

  • Nick Hansinger

    “I've had a huge change for the better in my communication with my boss and staff. I have less moments of my emotions getting out of control. Also I am making better money with my healing, dance instruction, and consulting sessions. I finally feel grounded in purpose.

    I am really grateful for Nick's healing and guidance. My family has noticed how much more understanding and grounded I have grown.”