About Nick Hansinger: Top FAQs

What is The Mystic Next Door?

This is the secret door you’ve been looking for. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed about finding ancient secrets. Not in the Indiana Jones, kind of way; More like Jedi training, or Hogwarts.

But rather than being locked away in some dusty book in a far-off land, I’ve found that most of what I was searching for was hiding in plain sight; Treasures literally in front of me waiting to be discovered.

This is a truth that holds true to this day, and The Mystic is here to help you reveal those secrets and treasures for yourself.

Some will be earth shattering; some so subtle they are nearly imperceptible. Always as simple and clear as possible.

What sort of things do people hire you for?

Stress problems, health problems, spiritual dilemmas, life crises, broken relationships, and other assorted human conditions.

Some of the most common things I hear are…

“I’ve got big plans and dreams, and I don’t have the energy I need to achieve them.”

“I can’t sleep at night because my head is full of worries”

“Somewhere along the way, I lost my confidence and juju. Now I don’t know how to find it again.”

I’m frustrated and yelling at my kids and husband, and I can’t stand myself for it.”

Headaches! Please make them STOP!!” (I’ve been there. This one is near and dear)

I’ve been living with trauma for years and every time I think it’s solved, it comes back again.”

Look, I know that sounds a little (or a lot) broad. There is actually a hidden common thread running through all of those things, and if you’re open to an unconventional solution, you’ve found the right place.

I’ve heard that you can help people with addiction. Is that true? 

It's true, Solving addiction and addictive patterns is something I'm very passionate about because of my own experiences and struggles. 

I never seemed to fit into the traditional therapy or treatment models, because I didn't want to be medicated, meetings never resonated, and long, immersive programs didn't make any sense in my life. Also, what would I do AFTER that?! So I had to develop something of my own. 

If you'd like to end the constant battle with yourself- finally quiet the voices of self-loathing for good, and take control of your life again, go here immediately


I’m struggling with anxiety and depression. Is this something you can help me solve?

Absolutely. I’ve helped many people discover an amazing life BEYOND anxiety and depression. Many of those folks didn’t think they’d ever be completely free from these destructive cycles or medications.

There is a process I take you through that will resolve the underlying conflicts within you, eliminate the unhealthy patterns contributing to this condition, and retrain your mind to stay in a positive and productive space.

I can even teach you that process so you can use it for yourself and help others.

I’ve got some significant challenges going on with my health. Can you help with that?

The short answer is yes. I haven’t found anything that the tools and methods I utilize can’t improve or solve completely. Basically, I’ll help your body access the amazing healing capabilities it already has, and I’ll teach you how to get your mind out of the way.

The work we’ll do isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive to western medicine. It that’s your choice, this will help those 'conventional' methods work to their greater potential and mitigate the side-effects and unintended consequences so you can stay on your fastest path to renewed health and wellness.

However, if you’re looking for an all-natural alternative, you can’t do better than learning how to work with your own energy, and I’m one of the most highly trained practitioners in the world, so you’re in very very good hands.

I’ve tried a million different things. What makes what you do any different?

It doesn’t matter how good the scalpel is if it’s in the hands of an incompetent surgeon. And even the best surgeon isn’t going to be able to do brain surgery with a butter knife.

Yet, When you have the right tools in the right hands, miraculous results are possible.

Nothing is more important than your Health and well-being, and you deserve the very best. You can’t be the parent, partner, leader, or business owner you need to be when your head and health are a mess. It’s that simple.

And especially if you’ve already developed some significant issues, you’re going to need the best help you can get. I’m the person the healers hire when things go sideways for them.

My services aren't free, but if you’re worried about the investment, consider this advice…

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” - Anonymous

If you’ve ever hired a shady contractor to work on your plumbing and had it all fall apart and cost 5x as much to repair, you know exactly what that means. Your health and your psychology are a lot more complicated than plumbing.

Right, but what do you actually do?

When I was 4-years old, my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said, “I want to talk to people.”

So, that’s what I do, among other things like…

  • Wave my hands and make pain and illness go away. No, seriously…
  • Find miracle solutions to impossible problems.
  • A translator for your soul.
  • A mediator between your head and heart.

Mostly, I an advocate for that part of you that you might not be listening to because life has gotten too busy, messy, and complicated.

If I do the things you tell me to do, will people think I'm weird? 

Quite possibly. If the muggles happen to notice, they might think, "Hmm...that's a little odd," and then continue about their business. 

The magic-folk will wonder what took you so long. We hide in plain sight everywhere, you know. 

In the end, do you really care what anyone thinks if it helps you solve a challenge you've been dealing with and brings you more peace and happiness? 

We have  Medical Doctors (think ER Doctors and Nurses), Lawyers, C-Suite Executives, and business owners using these tools. In only one instance has a judge asked a lawyer what she was doing. It's in the court record, but she won, so who cares? 

If you're a parent who wants your kids to be happier and healthier and NOT get sucked into the usual physical, mental and emotional growing pains, without constant arguments and push-back, this is your best alternative to boarding school. 

Yes, they may wonder what 'weird' thing mom or dad has gotten into now, but in the end, kids just 'get it' a lot easier than adults, and the younger the better. 

Join us and let your weird light shine! 

Why “The Mystic Next Door?”

Because I think healing and personal development is about much more than just ‘getting in touch with your feelings’, or being more productive. What we’re REALLY looking for is a different experience of lives, our work, and the world we live in; something more beautiful, transcendent.

And if you’re going to go down that path, why not think big? Why not go for the cosmic transformation that sets you free from the attitudes and beliefs that keep us trapped in the same patterns and relationships

Truly free!

That’s the mystical experience, and I guarantee that no matter where you are on that path, you are perfectly positioned to take your next step.

You DON'T need drugs (prescription or otherwise) to access your potential, and you DON'T need to travel to alternate dimensions, or hide away from the world. It’s actually something you can bring into your everyday life so you can be the person whose zen isn’t affected when people do people-y things; the person who navigates a tough life challenge with grace and determination; the parent who doesn’t lose their mind when their kids meltdown. The person who responds to a nasty email with softness and kindness.

It’s the little things, right?

And unless you want to learn Sanskrit and go live in an ashram for 20 years, you’re going to need this translated into real-world terms.

Also, if I hear one more person tell me how they’re working on healing all their past lives while this one is still a mess, I’m going to hurl the biggest crystal I can find straight at them.

Seriously, stop that. ‘Now’ is all we really have. Let’s make it more beautiful than ever.

Who is The Mystic Next Door?

Nick Hansinger is the The Mystic Next Door, in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

Nick has been studying personal development and transformation for over 20 years. One day he decided that he didn’t like being told exactly where he’d be and what he’d be doing a year or more in advance, so he packed up his desk and went out on his own.

It was a bit of a disaster at first, but eventually he figured it out, and he’s been in business for over 10 years now.

As a young musician, Nick struggled with stage fright (aka performance anxiety). Maybe it was his love of music, or maybe it was that stubborn part of him that wanted to prove everyone wrong, but he started devouring books on peak performance, sports psychology and personal development.

This inspired a deep fascination with human behavior, and ultimately, a lifelong commitment to help his fellow humans to be more awesome. To relieve the suffering and agitation of the human experience and tap into the vast resources or potential energy and achievement within themselves.

Over the past 14 years Nick has worked with hundreds of people all over the world, and led retreats with the great and powerful Kisma (his life partner and soul mate).


  • Nick Hansinger

    “In one simple conversation, Nick was able to see some pieces of the puzzle that I wasn't aware of and gave me a few things to add to my daily routine to clean up some of the stuff that was weighing me down.

    Literally within 2 hours I experienced HUGE shifts where some really big opportunities came into my space in a way that BLEW MY MIND.”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “This guy keeps me on track. As I heal from Lyme - it’s super important for me to have a coach that helps my mindset, health, and energy to support the transition and to maintain the progress I’ve made.

    Every time I work with him it feels like a "Jesus miracle" has just taken place - which is BIG, yet he just makes everything seem simple.”

    Digital Marketing Expert

  • Nick Hansinger

    “Last night I watched a movie at home with my son, which is a special treat for me… I was laughing out loud which apparently is not common and he remarked, “I’ve never heard you laugh like that before”. ”

    Renowned Chef

  • Nick Hansinger

    “My session with Nick helped me resolve a core issue that had been affecting every area of my life! Since working with Nick, I’ve found a happiness in myself I didn’t even know was possible!!!

    I’m so grateful there aren’t enough words to express it!”

    Executive Consultant, Coach & Author