The Mystic's Message

(un)Common Wisdom to Quiet the Mind and Soothe the Spirit

The Mystics Message is (un)Common wisdom to quiet the mind and soothe the spirit. I know how noisy it can be living in this world- the inside and outside voices all mingling. It’s hard sometimes to hear that quiet voice of your Soul.

The Mystics Message is that voice. Speaking quietly in your ear, yet somehow cutting through all the chatter. The other voices will blur into the background for just a moment, and you'll hear exactly what you need.

Maybe it’s an idea. Maybe it’s only one word, or a new perspective on an ancient truth. Whatever it is, it’s yours. Take it. Nurture it as your own. 

Look for the treasures. Even I don't know where all of them are because they weren't put there by me. I only write it, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this thing is going. I only know that it’s important.

Every post is written in the spirit of love, charity, brotherhood, and a deep longing to share the things we hold most dear.

That spirit guides me as I write to you every week. That spirit is the essence of The Mystics Message, whatever form it may take. 

So take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, my friend!

Recent Posts

The greatest self love quote of all time ? You decide...

This may be the greatest quote on Self Love I've ever seen. 

Self Love Quotes (McConaughey

🎤 🫳🏼 💥

By the way, if you haven’t checked out his book, “Green Lights,” it’s great. Kisma and I listened to it on a road trip and really enjoyed it.

There is no shortage of people who are more than willing to tell you who and how you should be. What you should want. Or what will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

They likely mean well. After all, they’re just trying to help.

The truth of the matter is that you are whole and perfect exactly …

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One simple hack to unleash a flood of creativity

Mystic Message Icon - Creativity Hack

Hey , I've got an idea for you might want to try. 

It'll help you to bring your best ideas to the forefront and give them space to shine.

A quick question first. I hope you'll play along. 

Where do you get your best ideas, ? List 3 places/circumstance if you can.

There's an 83% chance that one of your answers was the shower. 

And a 76% chance that one of them was while walking or running. 

Another common one is driving. 

All of those circumstances have something in common- you're very unlikely to have …

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The Mystic Charm of Slow Blinking

Pecan Super Chill Slow Blinking

There are few things more charming than a slow blink from your cat. 

With wordless grace, the slow blink says...

...I'm with you. I know you're with me.
..I feel safe with you. And you are safe with me.
I trust you enough to let go. You can trust me too. 
I've got your back. I know you've got mine. 

It's something you do together. Slow blinking demands your full presence and attention. And you are rewarded with the same. 

Give it a try now if you like. I'll wait…

See what I mean? 

Because I've bee…

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The Mystic's Kitchen:

Healthy Recipes for Peace and Happiness

One skill that will make cooking waaayyyy easier and more fun

No matter what you're going to cook, you're likely going to need this skill. 

Is your cooking at the level you want? A good friend of mine is offering a free zoom lesson. He's been a professional chef for years and now he owns one of the most popular delivery businesses in his home town. So yeah, he definitely knows what he's talking about. 

No strings attached. He's awesome and it's totally free. 

If you'd like to be considered, send an email to and tell me a little ab…

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