The Mystic's Message

(un)Common Wisdom to Quiet the Mind and Soothe the Spirit

The Mystics Message is (un)Common wisdom to quiet the mind and soothe the spirit. I know how noisy it can be living in this world- the inside and outside voices all mingling. It’s hard sometimes to hear that quiet voice of your Soul.

The Mystics Message is that voice. Speaking quietly in your ear, yet somehow cutting through all the chatter. The other voices will blur into the background for just a moment, and you'll hear exactly what you need.

Maybe it’s an idea. Maybe it’s only one word, or a new perspective on an ancient truth. Whatever it is, it’s yours. Take it. Nurture it as your own. 

Look for the treasures. Even I don't know where all of them are because they weren't put there by me. I only write it, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this thing is going. I only know that it’s important.

Every post is written in the spirit of love, charity, brotherhood, and a deep longing to share the things we hold most dear.

That spirit guides me as I write to you every week. That spirit is the essence of The Mystics Message, whatever form it may take. 

So take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, my friend!

Recent Posts

It'll be fine (and other lies I tell myself)

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There's a lie I tell myself. 

It's not always a lie. But when it is, look out. Because this little lie likes to sneak up on its prey...

What’s the lie, you ask?

"It'll be fine" 

I'm optimistic by nature. And I definitely don't like to worry unnecessarily. So this lie is a handy diversion.

It has its benefits…

It helps me take chances when I'm not feeling confident. It helps me stay curious when comfort is calling. And when I don't feel like dealing with a problem, this lie is my excuse to …

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A Message for Special Snowflakes and Ne'er-Do-Wells

Mystic's Message Snowflakes

To all my special snowflakes reading this right now...

You are nothing. A blip in the cosmic ocean too small to measure on any reasonable scale. 

To all of my self-critical readers who never feel good enough...

You are everything. A unique and beautiful expression of Divine consciousness that can never be replicated. 

What's funny is that both of these things are true- for ALL of us. All the time. 

The special ones trying so hard to be special. The ordinary ones who feel like they have nothing to con…

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The REAL Lesson

People do bad things. 

They lie. 

They manipulate. 

They say hurtful things without even bothering to ask a question.

They turn on you, and show a side you never knew was there.  

And when someone close to you does this, you might feel betrayed, and start to question...

What happened to the person I knew? 

Is this who they've always been? 

Were all the wonderful parts just an illusion? A setup? 

It's often easier to be cynical about the whole thing and believe it was just that; It must have all been a li…

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The Mystic's Kitchen:

Healthy Recipes for Peace and Happiness

One skill that will make cooking waaayyyy easier and more fun

No matter what you're going to cook, you're likely going to need this skill. 

Is your cooking at the level you want? A good friend of mine is offering a free zoom lesson. He's been a professional chef for years and now he owns one of the most popular delivery businesses in his home town. So yeah, he definitely knows what he's talking about. 

No strings attached. He's awesome and it's totally free. 

If you'd like to be considered, send an email to and tell me a little ab…

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