Want to drop the things that are killing your happiness, strangling your creativity and otherwise ruining your vibe? I'll help. 

If you're someone who is working their butt off trying to juggle all the pieces, be successful, be a good partner, parent, and leader, but somehow it just never feels like enough- and you want to find your zen so that you can stop fighting constant battles and enjoy all that life has to offer, I can help you with that. 

Simply put, I help you find find a more Enlightened Path for your life. 

Let's go a step further with that. I help you solve and release the things that are dragging you down so that you can have more peace, happiness, success, and creativity in your life. 

My list of private clients has included owners of multi-million dollar businesses, top executives in well-known corporations, performing artists at the very top of their game, small business owners, and coaches. 

But you don't need to fit neatly into one of those categories in order to work with me. Scroll down for three ways you can hop on your enlightened path.  


Take the Assessment

I'm not one of those coaches who is going to try to fix you. No matter what anyone has told you, or what you're telling yourself, I don't believe you're broken. 

I believe you are perfect, and that perfection probably got obscured by all the things the world told you that you're supposed to be, do and have. 

This assessment will show you your innate perfection so you can use it to your advantage. It will also show you where you're getting in your own way, or wasting your time and energy.

No matter what you want to change or achieve, you'll have an easier time when you work with your nature, rather than against it. 

Come to a Live Class

I teach 2-day classes for small groups of highly motivated people about four times a year at the Energy Mastery® Center in San Clemente, CA. In a live class, you'll learn the best tools and practices to keep yourself happy and healthy for years to come. The very same tools I've used to help myself, and thousands of other people. 

Learning to heal yourself of the things inside you that are sabotaging your success, keeping you stuck, and dragging your life down is one of the most profound skillsets you can ever learn.  

The processes and techniques you'll learn aren't complicated, and it won't take hours out of your day. I'll teach you a simple system to make sure your body stays healthy, your mind stays clear and focused, and your energy remains strong and matter what life throws at you. 

You'll be able to accomplish more in less time, with less effort, and you'll feel happy, creative, and connected in the process. 

One on One Mastery Mentorship: Your Fast-track to an Enlightened Life

If you want the fast-track, I can work with you personally to guide you on how to access the very best of yourself so you can bring that energy and intention into everything you create.

If you have traumas that you haven't been able to solve through other means, if you're struggling with chronic illness, or if your life is falling apart before your very eyes and you don't know how to stop it, this is for you. 

Mystical solutions for impossible problems is kind of my specialty. Real life Jedi sort of stuff. No holds barred, nothing off limits, and I'll customize the experience to fit your specific needs, and work with you closely to achieve your goals.  

Click the button below to learn more about what that work encompasses, and how it might look for you.