Client & Student Testimonials

"About 5 years ago, pain started in my hip. It was pretty intense. Noticeable all day with any activity. Probably an 8 on a scale from 1-10.

6 months later...I haven't had any hip pain since our session! Thank you for your gift! ❤"

Heather Wallace-Kaprzyk
Former Dancer


Amber Seitz

"I got on a call with Nick when I was at the bottom in my life with no hope. From the first call I knew that he had an answer to my problem.

Working with Nick has been the most important and wise decision of my life so far. Together we got me up and running into life again with clarity and ease. Nick's astute observations of the decisions, attitudes, and beliefs that I simply couldn't see, were at the heart of my dysfunction. 

Nick shared his simple, yet powerful practices that helped me so very much. I experienced a true miracle and he assisted in making it happen. My life is completely improved and I have so much gratitude to you Nick for guiding me through. 

Amber Seitz
Massage Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Guide
Woodside, CA

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"I worked with Nick for over a year and it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.

My anxiety has completely gone away and my income doubled in that year. He was there for me every step of the way through some huge life challenges." 

Matthew Cooke
Founder & CEO, Body Based Breakthrough


philip allen

I was experiencing a lot of turbulence. Being a new step-dad and taking on more of a leadership role at my place of work was really challenging to me. I knew that I needed to get control of my self-judgment and anger, which seemed to be simmering under the surface, and would manifest at the most inconvenient times.

Through my work with Nick, I’ve been able to relate to people on an entirely different level. He's helped me to get my own junk out of the way so I can really focus on others.

I feel more centered and grounded within myself. And when I don’t feel that way, I have the tools to get back to that peaceful, centered place. My loved ones have noticed that I have a lot more patience, and I'm able to be more present and engage with them on a whole new level.

Working with Nick is working with a true professional. Sessions are clean and free of judgment. I always leave our sessions with a renewed sense of my own power in the situations in my life.

Philip Allen

Marketing and Operations, Lisa Kahn Designs


"Nick helped me to heal my lyme disease and taught me how to work with energy because I was very sensitive to energy.

My chronic fatigue was gone after his 2-day training. It was a healing miracle. My life has gotten so much easier, I almost didn't know what to do with myself." 

I've started my own business, moved to the beach, which was a lifelong dream, and I feel empowered to handle anything that comes my way. 

Courtney Harter

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"My session with Nick helped me resolve a core issue that had been affecting every area of my life! Since working with Nick, I’ve found a happiness in myself I didn’t even know was possible!!!

I’m so grateful there aren’t enough words to express it!"

Amanda Ranae
Executive Consultant, Coach & Author

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I can confidently say that without the Energy Mastery® System, I'm not sure where I would be. This past week I had a terrific getaway to Cali (currently live in Nebraska). I was surrounded around some pretty cool peeps, some salt air, dreaming, and doing. I was feeling pretty awesome. 

As soon as I got home, it felt like I hit rock bottom. I was sad. Confused. Overwhelmed. Lonely. It was almost like there was a part of me was unraveling. My sensitivity went through the roof- and I'm already VERY sensitive to energy. 

These severe ups and downs had been a long-time pattern for me, but this time I used one of the formulas I learned in class, and I felt the release. (thank you magic box!)

Nick Hansinger, thank you for creating this space.

Kimberly Ann Treacy
Big Red SEO

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"Nick shined an amazing light on who I am and how I interact with the world. It had a huge impact in my relationships and even my business." 

Tanya Rayvn Star
Seeker's Library Podcast

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"In one simple conversation, Nick was able to see some pieces of the puzzle that I wasn't aware of and gave me a few things to add to my daily routine to clean up some of the stuff that was weighing me down.

Literally within 2 hours I experienced HUGE shifts where some really big opportunities came into my space in a way that BLEW MY MIND."

Molly Butler



Before I started with Nick I would get really triggered at work with my boss (he can be very condescending and misogynist) and then feel bad about myself that I was triggered. So when I first started working with Nick I really wanted to work on my anger and emotional attachment to things that were outside of my control.

I really loved working with Nick. He helped sort out a lot of programing and patterns that I wasn’t able to see in the most loving way. After every session, I felt lighter and full of clarity and more self-accepting.

I've had a huge change for the better in my communication with my boss and staff. I have less moments of my emotions getting out of control. Also I am making better money with my healing, dance instruction, and consulting sessions. I finally feel grounded in purpose.

I am really grateful for Nick's healing and guidance. My family has noticed how much more understanding and grounded I have grown.

If you are on the fence because it may seem unattainable financially (because that was my story) rest assured its worth it and also to come out of that money story is really empowering!

CLIENT UPDATE: Since this  testimonial, Brandie has since left her job in  the hospitality business and is doing work she loves full-time. Congratulations, Brandie! 

Brandie Rivera

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"I do deep clearing of trauma work with clients. It requires very attuned healers to support me and clean up my energy.

Nick's work is paramount for the peace I feel now. Immediately I felt a deep sense of relaxation. My creativity returned, expression, and my energy is now continuing to build."

Maria Palumbo
Relationship Coach and Trauma Specialist



"Last night I watched a movie at home with my son, which is a special treat for me… I was laughing out loud which apparently is not common and he remarked, “I’ve never heard you laugh like that before”.

Renowned Chef