The Anger Games, Part 1

Anger is a device people use to...

  • Control a situation. 
  • Get others to pay attention.
  • Justify harmful thoughts and actions. 

Truth be told, anger can quite effective toward those ends. It's also high risk. The harm done in anger is often irreparable, sowing seeds of fear, and mistrust.

After all, anger is a sign of weakness, not strength. It's something we use to project strength when we're feeling most vulnerable. 

It is a caustic emotion that destroys the integrity of your cells and melts away your insides until you're either all alone or surrounded by other angry people (which is a lot like being all alone). 

The biggest lie that anger tells us is that something needs to change OUTSIDE in order to feel better inside. 

The truth is that once you take full responsibility for your anger, you can start solving it at the root; much deeper than the surface level change that most people are focused on. 

But in order to take responsibility, you'll need to entertain the idea that, on some level, you chose to be angry- even if you're not aware of how, where, or why you chose it. 

If you chose it, you can just as easily choose something else.

What would you like to be experiencing instead? 

With Love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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