The Anger Games Part 2

There's no shortage of things in our world to be angry about- many of them easily justifiable.

And as tempting as that may be, there are some significant problems that come along with justifying anger...

  • You'll wind deeper into this destructive emotion, fanning the fire at great risk to your health and well-being. 
  • You'll become righteous in your anger- further entrenched in your own perspective, while remaining blind to more productive solutions. 
  • Over time, you'll become dependent on anger as fuel to make change in your life. 

What's more, when you try to solve a problem with anger, you'll likely wind up breaking as many things as you fix- if you're lucky. 

There MUST be a better way. 

And there is...

The first step is to entertain the idea that maybe...just can solve your problem and get what you want WITHOUT anger. 

The more you allow that idea to take root, the more you'll be able to put out the fire of anger before it takes hold. 


The Mystic Next Door



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