The Anger Games, Part 3

Anger is like a hypnotic state. 

It consumes the mind like wildfire, looping through the same thoughts, building its case, ratcheting up the heat until it explodes in a blinding blaze. 

Anger has a way of blocking out anything that doesn't support its agenda, undermining any sense of reason or judgement, while shirking any sense of responsibility (see part 2 on this). 

That's a dangerous place to be and you have to ask yourself, "Who is REALLY calling the shots when I'm angry?"

  • Your emotions? 
  • The person(s) standing between you and what you want? 
  • Or those standing on the sideline who benefit from the distraction of a good fight? 

One thing is for sure- When you are angry, you are NOT the one in control. You may THINK you are, but that's just another lie that anger tells us. 

The truth is that once you stop fighting, you'll inevitably find an easier path; one that doesn't require indiscriminate destruction and animosity. 

Sign a peace treaty today. Write it on your heart. 

With love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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