On Shame and Humility

Somewhere along the way, shame and humility got twisted up. 

As if you have to put yourself down in order to be humble. 

We self-deprecate to show how 'real' we are. And that's only on the outside. On the inside we're our own worst critic. The nagging voice that never quits. 

It's a tool we use to push ourselves to greater achievements. Shame keeps us from getting complacent. 

But what if there were a better way? 

A way to say, "My best is enough; I am enough...

...and I can continue to be more."

A way to leave out all the head chatter; the proving and defending; the endless self-doubt.

Try this.

"Thank you. Next." 



The Mystic Next Door


Stacey Mask

This is Beautiful 🌞

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Nick Hansinger

Thanks Stacey! I'm so glad you found your way here. :) 

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