Your Infinite Wisdom

It's true. The great ones and holy ones have been saying it for eons...

You're omniscient; all knowing.

Everything you've ever wanted is within you. 

But never forget...

Those same great ones and holy ones had help to come to that realization. They didn't do it in a vacuum. 

The had teachers. They had guides. They had community. 

So don't let the idea that 'all the answers are within you' get you stuck- thinking you have you figure it all our yourself. Because it still counts even if you have help.

Sometimes it's one small detail that someone shares in a way you've never heard before, or asking a question that you've never asked yourself.  

Other times, it's having someone hold your hand though the hard parts. 

Or it could be that wise old soul who has walked the path a thousand times, who stands quietly with you while you find your way; A quiet reassurance that it's been done, and you can too...just follow my lead.

The journey back to your omniscient Self is lonely enough in a world that would rather click a button or pop a pill than do the hard hard work of healing. 

We need to stick together. 

With Love, 

The Mystic Next Door

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