The Hidden Corners of Your Heart

Who doesn't love happy thoughts? Warm fuzzy feelings invite us into deeper receptivity, and joy is a natural outcome of that receptivity. 

This leads many to believe that if they just train their mind to be more 'positive' then their life will improve. 

But here's the thing...

You don't need to train yourself to be more positive; Love and peace and joy is your natural state. It's just that in a noisy, chaotic world, those parts get often get obscured. 

And then you think, well, I just need to be more positive. That's nice, however...

It doesn't matter how many happy thoughts you conjure up, or how many ways you bend yourself into a positive mindset. If you're not willing to be still, be quiet and look deeply into the hidden corners of your heart, you'll never find what you're really looking for. 

What, exactly, will you find? I don't know- and neither do you. 

And that's why most people would rather wallpaper a few happy thoughts over those scary parts; Maybe they're not ready. Not ready. Some other time.

Afraid for people to see how vulnerable they really are. Not willing even to face it themselves. 

But that's where the gold is.

Your deepest desires. 

Your most profound insights. 

The unchanging Truths. 

All the things that will radically change your experience of life in the most beautiful way possible.  

Be quiet. Be still. Look deeply. I guarantee it will be worth it. 

With Love, 


The Mystic Next Door

P.S. If you're interested in this topic, check out this video over on my facebook page.

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