To be sovereign

To be sovereign is to possess total control and power. It is to be a supreme authority; to rule a specific domain.

It’s basically to be the ninja of your own personal universe

Many confuse being sovereign with being able to do whatever they want, whenever they want. (You know the type- I’m going to meditate on the beach for 2 hours then smoke a lot of weed. )

But they miss the true spirit of what it means to sovereign.

They pursue every desire and impulse because they can, or rather, they can’t help themselves.

They sacrifice lasting happiness for push-button gratification without a second thought.

They flake on commitments- especially to themselves- then lie about it to cover the scandal. (Honestly, somewhere I think they saw Brad and Angelina do this, and then thought it was ok)

What kind of ruler is this?

For all their bluster about being the master of their lives, they lack control of the ONE thing that matters most; themselves. Their desires, impulses, thoughts, emotions, choices and actions.

To be sovereign is to be master of your world, and make no mistake, every human is a monarch. So it begs the question, What kind of ruler do you choose to be?

1. Weak and checked out
2. Full of excuses and blame (yuk)
3. Open hearted mastery. (Bingo!)

Choose wisely, my friend.


The Mystic Next Door


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