Nothing Happens without THIS

Nothing happens without faith.

You sleep with faith that the roof over your head won’t cave in on you.

You get in your car with faith that it was designed well enough to to get you where to go without falling apart.

You speed down a dark highway with faith in your headlights to show you the next 100 feet, and the next...

...from the mundane to the sublime.

If you look deeply enough, you’ll find that faith reaches into every last corner of our world; trusting the innumerable unseen hands that touch our lives and the mysterious forces that guide us through.

Hope, desire, love, creative action; All springs from faith.

Our darkest moments are when faith is lost; Crippled by fear and anxiety. Stuck in inaction.

Yet all it takes is a moment of faith to restore all that is beautiful in the world and set us back to right. A confident, if not weary step forward, trusting that the path will unfold. Just like those headlights on the dark road.

So, find your faith, and write it on your Soul.

Nothing happens without faith.

WIth Love,

The Mystic Next Door

P.S. I’d love to hear what faith is to you. Comment below and describe your faith. 

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