The Easy Part is...

It takes an enormous amount of effort to hold on.

Grasping tightly to the way things 'Should' be. Carrying the weight of old hurts and resentments. Holding onto the worry and anxiety that builds up.

And the thing is...

...most often, we don't even realize how much or how tightly we're holding on. The tension, headaches, fatigue, and inevitable exhaustion. A head so noisy that all you want to do is shut it up and numb out- trying to disappear. Never feeling quite like yourself. 

Until that magical moment when you finally let go. In an instant you realize just how heavy that weight was, and that the real effort wasn't putting it down. It was carrying it around all that time! 

In fact, the easy part is putting it down. 

It's a simple decision really. The question is, "Are you willing to set down the weight and walk more lightly?" 

So, are you? 

What would you like  to set down today? 


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. There's a process to letting go and healing ourselves. It's not something they teach you in school, and if your family was anything like mine, you probably didn't learn it there either. If you want to learn how to heal yourself, go here and fill out the form. Then we'll talk talk about it and if you want, I'll show you how. 


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