The Art of Giving

Giving is an art. It's one of the most profound spiritual practices of all time. All the great teachers and philosophies talked about it. 

In the yogic tradition, it's called karma yoga; selfless service, and to tell you the truth, most people really make a mess of it. 

The trick is to give your gift without expecting anything in return. 

Read that last part again...

Without expecting ANYTHING in return. 

See, as soon as you expect something in return, you're no longer giving; you're making a transaction. Which is totally fine. Transactions make our world go round. Please understand that it's just not giving. 

Sometimes, we THINK we're giving, but then someone doesn't reciprocate, and we feel hurt, angry, or resentful. That's how you know that it wasn't a gift. It was a transaction all along, hiding as benevolence. 

Giving is something you get to practice every day, if you know how to do it, and it's worth the effort because on the other side is a lightness and freedom most people will never know. And as crazy as it sounds, the more you give- really give- the more you will have; It's true prosperity in every way. 

Master the art of giving. 

I hope you receive the most beautiful gifts in your life.

Love and Light, 

The Mystic Next Door


P.S. There's nothing more powerful than someone who has truly mastered themselves. I have a few spots open for highly motivated people who are committed to the path of self mastery. If that's you, fill out the form here, and we'll talk about it. 



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