Cultivating Creativity

Creativity can be a fickle thing when you don't understand how it works. Elusive and mysterious, like that friend that shows up to the party unexpectedly and then ghosts you for weeks. 

Like water, the harder you grasp, the more it slips through your fingers. Also like water, it needs to move to stay fresh and clear. 

Sometimes people shut down the flow because they have no practical use for creativity. It's easier to follow the rules rather than to reinvent the wheel. But when they do need it, it's no where to be found. 

For those who rely on it, the pressure to create can be overwhelming, choking off the flow. It's a scary and frustrating place to be when you know you need to create something, but just don't know where to start, or you're afraid that your idea won't be good enough; a waste of time. 

Creativity is a flow of energy; a dance. You want to keep it in motion. If you try to control it too much, you'll shut it down. If you neglect it, it will neglect you. 

It requires a gentle hand. Softness. The willingness to receive ideas however they show up, without judging them, and to DO SOMETHING with them. 

Put some time on your calendar to take action and follow through. 

Put them on a piece of paper in a safe place- I call this the  parking lot. 

Give them to someone else- tithing ideas ensures you'll always have plenty. 

Whatever you do, don't stop showing up. If you wait only until you're inspired to do the work, you could be waiting a lifetime- or more! You never know what beautiful gem is is hidden behind the "Just OK" idea in your head, that needs to get out someway somehow.

That's how you keep the creative energy flowing; By showing up for it, no matter what. 


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. For an endless supply of creativity, you need to master the principles of energy. Click here to learn how. 


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