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A lot happens in my head. It’s not at all uncommon for me to start a conversation in the middle.This drives Kisma crazy, and I always know I’ve done it again as soon as I see the looks of confusion; Eyes darting to find a stream of thought to follow.

I’m afraid I’ve done it again, this time with you, dear reader. Here we are 30-some messages in, and I've never mentioned a few important details you should definitely know about this little missive. 

The Mystics Message is (un)Common wisdom to quiet the mind and soothe the spirit. That part has always been clear, but I never mentioned WHY. 

This is important because...

I know how noisy it can be. The inside and outside voices all mingling. It’s hard sometimes to hear that quiet voice of your Soul.

The Mystics Message is that voice. Speaking quietly in your ear, yet somehow cutting through all the chatter. The other voices seem to blur into the background for just a moment, as you hear exactly what you need.

Maybe it’s an idea. Maybe it’s only one word, or a new perspective on an ancient truth. Whatever it is, it’s yours. Take it. Nurture it as your own. 

Look for the treasures. Even I don't know where all of them are because they weren't put there by me. I only write it, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this thing is going. I only know that it’s important.

And lastly, a word on my brain...

I think in Art, and Art is always a work in progress until you decide it’s done and move on. Many times that decision is arbitrary; with no objective reason, only a felling, and a sigh of relief.

And maybe this isn’t high Art, I get it, but nevertheless, it is done in the same spirit; the spirit of love, charity, brotherhood, and a deep longing to share the things we hold most dear.

That spirit guides me as I write to you every week. That spirit is the essence of The Mystics Message, whatever form it may take. 

So take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Welcome, my friend!


The Mystic Next Door

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