Playing Catch-Up

We have access to more information than ever. All the how-to's and guidebooks we could ever wish for. So why is there so much stress and conflict in the world? 

It's because we're playing catch-up right now. With all of that information comes greater responsibility. And that responsibility requires Wisdom, Understanding, and Faith. 

These things take time. They take effort as well, which is not something many people have time or energy for in their busy, noisy lives.

But mostly, they take gentleness, which is in short supply in our aggressive, modern world.

It is the gentle mind that allows knowledge to simmer into consciousness until we live the higher Truth; Embodied Wisdom.

The gentle heart that accepts ourselves and others exactly as is; True understanding.  

The gentle hand that spreads kindness without expecting anything in return; Walking Faith. 

The good new is that we have everything we need- MORE than everything, in fact. Now is the time to slow down, breathe deeply, and take the next step with your full attention and care. 

Atma Namaste,

The Mystic Next Door

P.P.S. Many of these posts also become videos. You can find them here


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