The Art of Cleaning Up (From the Outside In...)

Blog Cleaning Up from the Outside In

Have you been outside to take a deep breath? Cleaner, isn't it? It's as if mother nature just needed us to slow down for a beat for so she could do her thing.  

Are you following her lead and cleaning yourself up too? No, I don't mean extra showers and hand sanitizer. I mean cleaning up from the outside in. 

Your space. Organizing, cleansing, purging. You'll inevitably have some things to donate. Now is a good time to give. 

Your diet. We often seek comfort through food. Just make sure. it's nourishing more than your sweet tooth or carb craving. 

Your feelings.  By all means, talk about what's going on inside of you. Don't let your feelings fester. However, it's important to recognize when you're pulling others into your anxiety so that you don't feel alone.

Your mind. The news is as toxic as it's ever been. I promise you'll hear about the important things. Consider a media detox. Call someone instead of just commenting on their status. Talk about something that inspires you, rather than connecting through problems. 

Your spirit. Let's assume, just for a second, that this really is the "End Times," (It's not). Would you be happy with how you've spent the last year of your life? Now is a good time to ask yourself some questions about what you'd rather be doing; how your rather be BEING. Find one small action that will move you toward that goal and do it TODAY. 

These are just a few ideas. We have a chance right now for a massive clean-up on this 3rd rock. Mother Nature is doing her part. How about you?

What could use some loving attention in your life? 

Now is the time. 

Sending Love and Light, 


The Mystic Next Door

P.S. Are you feeling overwhelmed with Anxiety, Worry, Fear, or even depression? If so, you're not alone. My schedule has been full of sessions with people who are going through what you might be going through. I'm opening up more spots at a special rate for people during this time. If you'd like one of those spots, click here


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