A New Awareness is Dawning and Deepening

 In the days when social distancing and hand sanitizer rule, all of a sudden we are hyper aware of the unseen, unknown hands that touch our world. 

Exactly how many people have touched that Amazon package, or that piece of fruit at the grocery store? Is it clean? Is it safe? 

We're waking up to something that's always been; profound interconnectedness. 

Beyond the physical hands that touched that package from production to your door, there are the unseen hands of all those who came before. 

Those who created the technology to make it possible to click a button and have something appear at your door, like magic. 

The ones who developed the manufacturing process. 

The person who invented the product inside that amazon package, and all those who inspired them. 

The people who first invented cardboard. 

You can trace this back through the eons to the ability to produce fire, or the invention of the wheel, and everything in between. 

We are constantly supported by unseen hands in EVERY FACET OF LIFE. 

Take a deep breath and let that soak in...


You've just taken a very important step- moving from fear toward gratitude and awe. Keep going. 

Gratitude soothes your emotions, and expands your energy, making your mind, body, and spirit more clean and resilient. Awe is the trademark of the Mystic; true devotion.

When this is all over- and I promise that "This too shall pass,"I sincerely hope that we don't go back to the way we were. Because even a tiny bit of this new awareness can radically change our experience of life and our world for the better. 

So be it. 


The Mystic Next Door


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