Setting the Record Right

It's not difficult to find fault with others and make them wrong. We're trained to look for problems, so flaws stand tend to stand out, especially as you get to know someone and see their different facets and foibles.

Making someone else wrong protects our own sense of worth and value by taking it from another. When you damage someone's self-esteem, you damage something incredibly precious. Those blows can be crushing, feeling like you'll never measure up. 

Sometimes it happens on purpose, especially when we're feeling defensive or need to prove ourselves. Other times it happens by accident; more out of habit or from deeply rooted patterns and programs

If you pause and look, you'll see this happening everywhere. 

Now that you see it, and know how it feels when it's done to you, what are you willing to do about it? 

What if you made an agreement with yourself to not make others wrong? 

It takes a lot more skill to allow others to be exactly who and how they are without making them wrong than it does to diminish and criticize. 


The Mystic Next Door


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