Finding your voice

Full disclosure, this post is especially for me. And of course, you, if you happen to be looking for more free and authentic expression of your creative impulses and deeply held Truth. Not worrying if it's good enough or what others will think. 

Somewhere along the way, we learned to wait our turn until...what, exactly?

We're "ready?"

We've got it down?

We know exactly what to say or do? 

A recipe for endless frustration. Bone-jarring stops and starts and cost years and more

We think, "I need to practice a little (or a lot) more before I can put this out. It needs work. It's not done." 

The anxiety of the buildup is excruciating; The disappointment almost guaranteed because the mind has made it such a big deal and attached so many very important things to the big event. Even the most precious of all things- self worth- gets mixed up in the mess. 

If you want to find your voice, you must use your voice. 

Put your hands on the keyboard. 

Hit "Start" on that live video. 

Push the "Publish" button on that post. 

Again. And Again. And again...

Get it out of your head some way some how. 

Over time, you will find it. Right where it's always been.

Your beautiful voice- in whatever form it takes- given to you just because, so you can bring a little more light, love, wisdom, compassion, or understanding into our world. In short, a little more of YOU into the world. 

You deserve to be heard. 

Begin today. 

With love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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