3 Rules for Well-Being

If you've ever hired an amateur handyman to do important work, only to watch it all fall apart... 

...you probably have a new appreciation for the value of skill. 

If you've ever tried to do it yourself to save some money and it wound up costing you twice as much $$,10X as much time, and still wasn't quite "right"...

...you probably have deeper respect for the value of experience. 

If you've ever ignored a small problem only to watch it blow up into something infinitely more frustrating, complicated and, of course, costly...

...you probably give at least a little more attention to detail and understand what it's worth to solve problems while they're still small. 

The same rules apply to your well-being and spiritual development. 

Don't wait.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help.

Hire the best you can find.

Don't cut corners. 

There are no prizes for "Doing it all yourself." 

~The Mystic Next Door


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