Singing Bowl - Rishikesh

It started in Rishikesh over a decade ago- a growing fascination (now breaching into obsession) with Tibetan singing bowls. 

Where I live we get a beautiful breeze off the ocean, which I love. But the bowls, not so much; the salt air can tarnish and corrode them pretty fast. 

There was this one bowl in particular- the one I bought in that musty, cluttered shop in Rishikesh. It had been sitting out in the breeze, not being played for months until one day when I finally picked it up and saw what had happened. It had turned almost black with green spots.

I immediately pulled out the Brasso and got to work. That's when it really hit me...

Underneath all that tarnish and corrosion, it was as beautiful as ever. And with every swipe, a little more of that natural sparkle came through. 

It's the same with people, you know...

Your perfection isn't just some trite, feel-good idea for you to dream about. It's not even a goal for you to strive for. It's the Truth of what you are.

You can cover it up. Ignore it. Neglect it. Pretend it doesn't exist, but nothing will change what's underneath; What's been there all along.

Pure brilliance.

Shine on, my friend. 

Shine on. 

~The Mystic Next Door


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