Tradition has its place. 

Practices and rituals of the ancient sages have been tested by time and circumstance. Traditions can guide us back to deeper truths and profound connection. 

But tradition loses it's purpose as soon as you do it...

...because that's the way it's always been done

...because I said so

...because that's the way I was taught

In short, when we stop thinking about the true purpose and intention of the tradition and just go through the motions. 

It is then that the tradition becomes an obstacle; another thing we need to unlearn on our journey back to emptiness. 

Spiritual practice is not about gaining anything. 

It's about losing all the baggage we've collected along the way. 

If the tradition doesn't lighten your load, then it's time reconsider what you're actually trying to accomplish, and how you're going about it.

Choose wisely, 

The Mystic Next Door



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