How "They" Get You to Choose...

They bait you into the lies by wrapping them in threads of truth.

They make it easier for you to believe them by telling you lies you want to believe.

They ensure the lies get spread by infusing them with fear.

Don’t believe the lies.

All the division, polarization, and radicalization we’re seeing in our world is based on fear.

Stop buying into the fear.

They’re trying to get you to choose; choose what is right for them.

If you took all the fear out of the equation, what would you choose?

Go with that. That’s what’s right for you.

Because fear is insidious.

Most people don’t believe they even have it until it chokes the breath out of them. The rest spend all their time justifying why they should be afraid and forget that there is anything beyond the fear.

Smaller and smaller the worlds of the fearful become; More impotent.

Courage is where you’ll start to breathe again, and regain your energy, but you’ll still be in the fight.

Willingness is where you start to realize that it’s safe to put down your sword; It’s safe to love and accept. You’ll see the lies for what they were and go quietly about your way, leaving the illusions behind.

If you’re confused, take a deep breath.

If you’re afraid, take a deep breath.

If you’re fighting and arguing, take a deep breath.

When you’re willing to choose love, get to work...

And don’t stop!

Love and light,

The Mystic Next Door


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