The Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth isn’t a secret. You access a little drop every time you decide to let go...

...of anger

...of resentment

...of blame

...of fear

...of loss

...of all the past worries, anxieties, failures, and everything else that we drag along with us into the present.

To let go of the past is to be born again. Every moment, renewed. Refreshed.

The harder we struggle, the tighter we grip, the more it drains our life.

If you want something new in your life, there must be room for it. If you got a new couch, you'd make sure to take the old one out before you bring the new one in. 

It's the same with mental and emotional clutter. If you want some quiet in your head and sweetness in your heart, you have to make some space. 

If you want to walk lighter, master the art of letting go, that you may be born again with every breath you take.

Wisdom is not a library. It is living Truth and eternal curiosity.

What will you let go of today?

The Mystic Next Door



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