The reason you can't...

"Can't" is a powerful word.

It's a decision... accept the status quo. 

"Can't's" are frequently wrapped in a very well-thought out story that proves all the reasons why, using our own experiences (real and imagined) against us. 

Here's the thing you need to know about "Can't..." 

The reason you "Can't," is the reason you MUST! 

Because inside the story of your "Can't" is a new frontier for you to...

  • Break a habit or belief that has kept you trapped
  • Overcome a limitation that has squashed your life into a smaller container
  • Express your beautiful potential in a way you might not have thought possible
  • Experience something you only dreamed about

You don't have to go searching for hidden blocks buried generations deep to have an amazing transformation in your life. It's hiding in plain sight. The word itself is your x-marks-the-spot on the treasure map. 

Your next steps are waiting for you inside each and every one of your "Can't's" 

Will you let the "Can't's" win or will you make them into "Must's" and take the ride of your life? 

Happy trails, 

The Mystic Next Door



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