Back door party crasher

Doubt is like a back door party crasher. Maybe you know the sort...

They sneak in the party seeming harmless enough on first glance, but one look and you know something isn't quite right. You ignore them. Maybe they came with someone else. It'll be fine...

The next thing you know, the place is torn apart and Doubt's buddies, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear have taken over. 

Your friends leave, of course, because who wants to hang out in that kind of volatility, and you're left alone with the disaster quartet. And you can't leave because it's your house...


That's how it works in our heads. 

Doubt is the "sensible" thing. It keeps us from overstepping. Taking too risky a chance. Dreaming too big. It keeps us we think...

And if you take your eye off it for a minute, it'll spiral into disaster. 

Confidence eroded to nothing.

Not a moment of peace to be found.

Afraid to do anything different, even though you want things to be different. 


You have to be vigilant with doubt. Don't let it in. And if you do find it hanging around uninvited, show him the door as quickly as possible. 

Party on, 

The Mystic Next Door


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