Kung Fu Fighting

I've been Kung Fu fighting...sort of...

I'm learning tai chi, which is like slow motion kung fu. 

I learned the basic moves and 24 form routine in a few weeks over the holidays. Pretty sure my experience with yoga and tae kwon do helped me out a bit...

And now it falls to the arduous task of perfecting each move, each breath, each subtle nuance into the beautiful art form it can be. Little shifts so subtle that you might not even notice. 

Again and again.

Piece by piece. 

I love it. It's one of my favorite things about art. It's never perfect...

as a musician

as a writer

as a Mystic

as a healer

...there is always another level of mastery. 


It's one of the secrets of a long life and happy life, actually- to remain endlessly curious, and willing to try new things even at the risk of feeling awkward or looking foolish. 

Another secret is treat living like art.

..Have fun

...Keep at it

...Learn to enjoy the process

These are things that make for a rich and full life. 

With Love, 

The Mystic Next Door


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