The black and white blur whirled around, fangs bared, and bit down. Hard! A shock of pain burned from my thumb to my shoulder, and I knew I'd made a mistake. 

Her name is Pecan. That little fuzzball has been with with us for a few months now and that was the longest anyone had touched her. 

In hindsight, it was an ill-conceived plan from the start. 

I thought that if we could scruff her and get her into Kisma's loving arms, she'd realize that she's safe with us. That we'd never let any harm come to her, and that she could have unlimited pets and cuddles any time she wants.

But it didn't go down that way. 

Because she was scared, and no matter how pure our intentions, it couldn't break through her filter of fear. 

I'm not mad that she bit me. Not even a little bit. It was the only defense she had. She used it, and it worked like a charm. 

But when a person does something hurtful, can we be as forgiving? 

We expect them to know better. 

We expect them to do better. 

We expect them to think differently- rationally. 

Except they don't. Because they're scared. And hurt...

Human beings are more complicated than a little cat, but not so different. 

When people are scared, or hurt, or angry, they lash out. It's a protective mechanism. 

The trouble with human beings is that we often can't see this behaviour in ourselves. 

Instead, we justify our anger and aggression- blaming others for making us feel a certain way and react in kind. 

Or we hide it away and pretend that we're in control of our emotions, leaving a swath of destruction in our wake.

It's a rare individual who can look themselves in the eyes and say, "I'm afraid. I'm hurting." And then choose a response that doesn't pass that fear and pain onto others. 

These are the rare Souls who have real freedom in their lives. 

Not freedom from pain, but freedom to use that pain in a different way and choose a different experience for themselves and the people whose lives they touch. 

Human beings have been gifted with the power of choice. And those choices create your experience of life. 

Choose wisely. 


The Mystic Next Door

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Divya Patel

Powerful message. I resonate with the message and where I can change. To give myself permission to the freedom to forgiveness, love and compassion of ourselves and others. We can then change our perspective of the situation and find the inner peace. 

Thank Nick for helping see a situation I’m dealing with right in a different way and removing the deep hurt energy out of it. 

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