They say that Comparison is the thief of joy.

And it's true!

Comparing yourself to others takes your eye OFF your unique contribution and places it on others. That's nice for them. For you? Not so much...

It's like taking a big ol' sack of your energy and just handing it over. 

But if you look closely, you'll see that comparison isn't the real problem. 

The thing that drains your energy is PERSONALIZING the comparison. 

Because if you say, "That person is taller than me," it's no big deal. 

But if you say, "That person is taller than me, so they must be better than me," now we have a problem. 

The same way that I can say, "That person is better with numbers than I am," and be absolutely fine with it. In fact, that information helps me make better decisions in my life, to hire people who are better at those sorts of things. 

But as soon as I get into, "What's wrong with me, I should be better, I'm not good enough because..." It's going to...

  • destroy confidence
  • diminish the gifts and talents you do have
  • waste time, effort and energy on things that are irrelevant
  • and mostly, destroy your Faith. 

Because telling yourself that you "should" be anything other than what you are, is denying the very perfection you were made with. 

And that's not fair to you, the creator, or the world at large. 

The greatest contribution you can make is being fully YOU. 

It's also where you'll find endless freedom, joy, and inner peace. 

Whatever you make or do from that kind of energy is sure to be worthwhile. 


The Mystic Next Door

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