If only...

There's a game people play. They've been playing it for a very long time. 

It goes by different names, but I call it, "If only." 

No, it's not a party game like truth or dare. 

It's a game people play every day of their lives. It goes something like this...

If only I could x. Then I'll finally y. 

...If only things would slow down so I can catch my breath, then I'll be able to relax

...I only I could get a better job that really appreciates me, then I'd be happy

...If only I could pay off that debt, then I could finally let go of my money anxiety

...If only he'd communicate more, then I'd feel more connected

...If only she's stop nagging me, then I could finally communicate with her

...If only I could achieve my goals, then I'd finally feel good about myself

The "game" is that these seem perfectly reasonable on the surface. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't say, "I hear ya..." 

And yet the chase never ends; an endless parade of "If only's.." 

It's because we've got it upside down and backwards.

Upside down...

Looking for something outside of you to change the way you feel inside is a house of cards waiting for a gentle breeze to collapse the whole facade. 


You have to give to get- not the other way around. Decide for peace, happiness, connection and love, and watch how much easier your life starts to flow.

If you give the world nothing but anxiety and demands, that's exactly what the world will give back to you...

"If only" is a game of perpetual disappointment. And there are so many better games to play. 

But in order to break free from the most-played game in all of human history, you have to first be aware of how you're playing it, because everyone has their own unique set of "if only's..."

What's your "If only" game? 


The Mystic Next Door


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