How can you NOT?!

A lot of people spend so much time trying to NOT...

...fall into their vices and self-sabotage

...have the flaws that they have stuck where they are

Changing. Fixing. Fighting.

After all the time and energy they spend trying to NOT, there's not a lot left over for the things they actually want.

The truth is, it's really hard to NOT. 

It creates a conundrum in the brain. Because even if you're trying to NOT- do something, be something, have something- your thoughts are still focused on the thing. 

It creates a perpetual struggle because you're fighting against the laws of nature.

If you really want to NOT, the key is choosing something different to say yes to. That way, rather than falling into the void of NOT, you fill it with desire and intention for the things you wish to grow into. 

Then, like climbing a ladder, you can raise the level of your desire one notch at a time. 

Because desire is a funny thing. You have to use it to lose it...

What are you willing to say "Yes" to today? 

The Mystic Next Door



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