The Lightbulb Moment

It's exciting to think that one lightbulb moment can change everything. 

In an instant you see things- maybe even yourself- from a radical new perspective. Clear. 

I've had a few  of those revelations myself. You probably have too. 

They're exciting. Sometimes terrifying. And they often bring with them an incredible sense of freedom. As if you finally set down years and years worth of struggle and baggage. Finally free to move forward in a new way. 

It feels so good that you start looking for the next one. And looking...and waiting...

And as you wait for that next big moment, the gears start to grind. Frustration builds. Waiting for the right answer. Waiting for absolute clarity. Waiting for it to feel "right." 


But these "Breakthroughs" aren't the only way transformation happens. 

More often, it's the little things- sometimes almost imperceptible- that create big change. 

Small decisions made with care and attention.

Anyone can do it. Most people don't not because it's hard. But because they're too busy waiting for their lightbulb moment. Too busy waiting for the next big thing. 

Not realizing that even if that earth-shifting revelation did come, they're ill-equipped to sustain it because, ironically, they haven't built the muscles and discipline through the little things.

Soul evolution and personal development are long games. Really long.

And when it comes to playing the long game, little things are the difference between a stable foundation that supports you for life, or a house of cards that crumbles with the slightest breeze.

Never discount the little things. 

Lots of love, 

The Mystic Next Door





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