My Secret Agenda

Excuses are about selling yourself into reasons you can’t, won’t, shouldn’t...

When you share them with others, mostly what you’re trying to do is sell them into your excuse. That way they'll let you off the hook and in turn, you can let yourself off the hook. 

You may even have some well thought out argument at the ready- a sure sign that you’ve been dwelling in resistance for far too long, by the way.

If you’re persistent enough with your excuses, eventually they’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And next time it will be that much easier to buy in.

Sooner or later you’ll be opting out before you even give yourself a chance to opt in.

That’s when you’ll feel most trapped. Alone. Misunderstood. Frustrated, and hopeless.

The trick isn’t beating that resistant part of you into submission.

It's getting really good at selling yourself into a something better than an excuse; a brighter future.

But before you start thinking that you have to start from scratch and learn something brand new, recognize that you already know how. In fact, you’re probably better at it than you think because…

You you already do it every time you want really want something.

No matter what it is, or how "unreasonable" it seems, your mind will start to find reasons why you should have that thing. Why it’s right for you, and all the benefits it brings.

You’ve done this thousands of times.

All you have to do it point this amazing skill in the right direction. Toward your next step. The one you already know you need to take...

Toward health, happiness, fulfillment and joy.

Rather than quick fixes, easy outs, and lackluster ideas.

And just so we're clear, if you want to sell someone on your excuses, I’m not buying.

Because I already know that you’re a beautiful, brilliant and amazing human being.

And if you hang around long enough, eventually I’ll sell you into loving yourself and believing in your dreams.

That’s my secret agenda.

What are you selling yourself today?

Lots of love, 

The Mystic Next Door




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