It's a TRAP!

When something is on fire, you put it out. 

When alarms are blaring, you pay attention. 

And when there is an emergency, you step up. 

Because that's what good humans do, right? 

What you may not realize is that this is a trap. One so insidious that it can keep you chained and stuck for years on end. 

Whether it's war, pandemic, financial stress and worry, or illness these things tend to grab for your attention and hook you into the energy around it. Emotions run high and highjack your thoughts. 

As you feed the beast with your precious energy and attention, suddenly you have lost sight of what matters in your life. 

That's the trap. Do you see it? 

Because there will always be another emergency. Another crisis.

If you're not careful, you'll step into the trap and start playing the game. And when that game is over, your mind, trained to only respond to things that are screaming at you, will look for another crisis.

And guess what? It will find one.

And the lie you'll tell yourself is, "Just one more. When I'm on the other side of this, then things will get back to normal." 

The trap exacts a heavy toll...

All the while, your deeply held dreams and goals continue to wither on life support. Only getting passing glances and sad, uncomfortable looks as if to say, "I'm sorry I don't have more time to be with you. I'll be back soon." 

But soon becomes a while. And a while becomes a spell. And a spell becomes an age...

The outside world probably won't be much help. They'll go right for the achilles and try to make you feel guilty and selfish. They'll play into your hidden fears- the ones you don't speak out loud. 

They'll yell at you to get you to pay attention. To run off and save the world. 

You'll have a choice to make. 

That choice is yours, and in that choice you wield propound power. 

I'm writing today to remind you of that power. 

And to give you a heartfelt permission slip to choose you. 

After all...

The chosen ones choose themselves. 



Nick Hansinger is The Mystic Next Door


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