I'll tell you where you can go...

One group of people gives you a standing ovation just for stepping on stage. 

Another unceremoniously tosses you to the curb. 

Logically, we know that not everyone is going to like us. But when it's coming at you in real time - the criticism, the anger, the lies- it's not so simple.

It pulls you down into the muck, trying to prove your case. Fighting. And there is a time and a place for that. I promise you, Divine Justice never fails. 

But in the meantime, it's important to remember that every moment you spend fighting with people who want you to be different is a moment away from those who love and support you no matter what. 

Every ounce of energy you waste arguing your points and proving yourself is that much less energy you have to nourish your dreams and goals. 

Every bit of anger and resentment you hurl back pollutes everything you hold dear. 

The choice is simple. It's just not always easy...

Go where you're loved and appreciated. Leave the others to play their toxic games. All the better if you can leave them with love- like little children playing in the dirt. 

The love and appreciation you receive from your supporters will soothe your mind and nourish your Soul. It strengthens your own love and compassion. 

You may not be able to stop the maelstrom of negativity from doing what it does, but you can choose to remove all of your energy and attention from it. As soon as you choose that, you'll be free. 

And just in case you didn't know...

You have a place here.

You are loved...exactly as you are. 



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