A Message for Special Snowflakes and Ne'er-Do-Wells

Mystic's Message Snowflakes

To all my special snowflakes reading this right now...

You are nothing. A blip in the cosmic ocean too small to measure on any reasonable scale. 

To all of my self-critical readers who never feel good enough...

You are everything. A unique and beautiful expression of Divine consciousness that can never be replicated. 

What's funny is that both of these things are true- for ALL of us. All the time. 

The special ones trying so hard to be special. The ordinary ones who feel like they have nothing to contribute. And everyone in between. 

You are everything. You are nothing. 

As soon as we forget this, we lose our place in the world and things start to turn upside down.

You'll either be fighting the world for your place, or getting swallowed whole, but one thing you definitely won't be doing is living. 

Living- really living- is embracing all if it. 


And nothing. 

There is so much more to you than meets the eye.

So much more than flesh and blood, thoughts and ideas, emotions and desires. 

You matter more than you think. And maybe less than you might hope. But that's ok. 

Because you're not here to prove anything to anyone. 

You're here to live. 

So live. 

And live again.

Every day.

Many happy returns,


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. I put some new videos up on YouTube that you might enjoy. Here's a sound healing meditation to connect with higher guidance.

There are also some videos about Self Love and other Mystic Sound Healing™ Meditations. Check out my channel here.


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