It'll be fine (and other lies I tell myself)

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There's a lie I tell myself. 

It's not always a lie. But when it is, look out. Because this little lie likes to sneak up on its prey...

What’s the lie, you ask?

"It'll be fine" 

I'm optimistic by nature. And I definitely don't like to worry unnecessarily. So this lie is a handy diversion.

It has its benefits…

It helps me take chances when I'm not feeling confident. It helps me stay curious when comfort is calling. And when I don't feel like dealing with a problem, this lie is my excuse to avoid it. 

When I have a bad feeling, or something just seems off, this lie keeps me going (for better or worse).

But the reason it's a lie is because sometimes things aren't fine at all. 

Sure, on the cosmic scale- the ultimate journey of the Soul- everything is fine. Just lessons we need to learn for our own evolution; Leading us back home. 

That's great and all. And yet... everyday life, there are things that really aren't ok. And "It'll be fine" is a way of tolerating those things. It's a convenient mantra if you want to avoid conflict. Not so helpful for affecting meaningful change. 

Like many lies, the most devious part is the shades of truth within it. The parts that dupe you into believing. Because...

Things ARE fine. 

Until they're NOT. 

You've probably noticed that most things that fall apart spectacularly seem perfectly fine in the beginning. Maybe there are some signs, but those are just details that will work themselves out, right? Maybe?

And that's why I really try to watch how I use these words. 

Not to protect myself from failure or disappointment. 

But to be honest with my Self so that I can choose more intentionally.

You can tell the truth and still be optimistic. 

This isn't an either/or conversation. 

The better you get at telling the truth, the clearer your choices become. 

And clarity always wins. 


Nick Hansinger is The Mystic Next Door


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