Listen Up! (this is important)

One of the most frustrating things as a musician is playing with an ensemble who buries their head in the page of music on their stand and doesn't bother listening to anyone else around them. 

You see this a lot with younger, less experienced musicians. And with people who are overly concerned with perfection. 

The net result is something approaching music, but not quite. No one really wants to listen to it, but there it is, droning on endlessly. Waiting for it to end. 

There is no cohesive intention. No common vision. The voices often competing with each other- conflicted over rhythm and feel.

No musician wants to play with a group like that. 

It's sad. And frustrating. And very not fun. 

But here's the funny thing. The moment the very same musicians pull their heads of their stands and start to listen, something magical happens... 

They start to hear their part in a larger context. They see how the musical choices they make impact those around them, and vice versa. The textures start to mesh and weave together. 

It starts to become fun again. For the listener and the artists. 

Ironically, this transformation has little to do with raw talent or technical skill. In fact, much less "talented" bands and far more enjoyable to listen to simply because they listen better. 

It's simply a choice the musicians make about where to put their attention. 

But why am I telling you this? 


Because your life is an orchestra. A cornucopia of different voices and aspects. And every time you stop listening to the things going on in and around you, things are going to start to go off the rails. Different parts competing, rather than collaborating. Fighting instead of dancing. 

This happens when you're "trying really hard." It happens when anxiety takes hold and hijacks your mind with worry and fear. It happens when one part of your life becomes more important than the rest and steals all your time and energy- to the detriment of all. 

And if that's happening to you right now. Or even if you sometimes go there without meaning to. I want you to know...

There's nothing wrong with you.
You're not lacking some magic bullet that will fix everything. 
You don't need to fight harder. 

You just need to start listening. 

With attention. Intention. Care and interest. 

The more you listen, the better you see how you fit into the bigger picture. The more intuitive and clear your choices become. The more quickly you adapt and recover without spinning out into chaos and cacophony. 

Listening is a superpower. 

Everyone has the ability to be an expert listener. You just may need to practice a little to get better. 

In music school we have classes specifically for ear training. 

In your life you have...

A body that's begging for healthy attention and care
Loved ones who just want to be heard
Dreams- withering in the shadow of practical obligation
Coworkers who are fighting their own battles and need a compassionate ear
Goals getting kicked down the road. Endlessly waiting for the “right” time
People who want to help you if only you'd let them in

And so many more hidden treasures waiting for you to discover. 

So tune in. And listen up! 

You've got this. 


The Mystic Next Door


P.S. I put some new videos up on YouTube that you might enjoy. Here's a sound healing meditation to connect with higher guidance.

There are also some videos about Self Love and other Mystic Sound Healing™ Meditations. Check out my channel here.



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