The Mystic Charm of Slow Blinking

Pecan Super Chill Slow Blinking

There are few things more charming than a slow blink from your cat. 

With wordless grace, the slow blink says...

...I'm with you. I know you're with me.
..I feel safe with you. And you are safe with me.
I trust you enough to let go. You can trust me too. 
I've got your back. I know you've got mine. 

It's something you do together. Slow blinking demands your full presence and attention. And you are rewarded with the same. 

Give it a try now if you like. I'll wait…

See what I mean? 

Because I've been thinking...

We don't slow blink with our fellow humans enough. 

OK, so an actual slow blink might be a little weird, but we have other ways of communicating without words.

To show that we're present
To show that we're open
To show that we're listening
To show we care

The trick is learning to trust yourself enough to let yourself be in that space. Because if you don't trust yourself, you'll never trust anyone else. 

And as soon as you do, you start to form new connections without even trying. 

That is the mystic power of charm. 

Find someone to slow blink with today. Then hit "reply" and let me know how it goes. 

Talk soon, 


Nick Hansinger is The Mystic Next Door

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