The greatest self love quote of all time ? You decide...

This may be the greatest quote on Self Love I've ever seen. 

Self Love Quotes (McConaughey

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By the way, if you haven’t checked out his book, “Green Lights,” it’s great. Kisma and I listened to it on a road trip and really enjoyed it.

There is no shortage of people who are more than willing to tell you who and how you should be. What you should want. Or what will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

They likely mean well. After all, they’re just trying to help.

The truth of the matter is that you are whole and perfect exactly as you are. Worthy of whatever your heart desires no matter what.

And the things they tell you are really just reflections of the beliefs they hold about themselves.

So, when you start to prioritize yourself, it’s natural that some people will be thrilled. You’re doing something that they want to do for themselves. Something that they feel is important.

And others who get really uncomfortable. Because they’re uncomfortable doing that themselves. They’ve told themselves a story about how it’s more important to be “humble” and now they’re telling that story to you. (Don’t get me started on this false humility. We’ll get to that another time.)

But the most important part. The thing I hope you always remember…

It’s all just noise.

It doesn’t matter.

You’re the one who lives inside your head and heart every moment of every day.

You’re the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions- for better or worse.

You’re the one who will know whether or not you’re being true to yourself. And if you’re doing what YOU were put here to do.

Most people are full of everyone else…

Their thoughts. Their beliefs. Their attitudes. And worse…

Their guilt. Their shame. Their self imposed limitations.

And it’s all just noise inside that downs out your quiet voice of Truth and Freedom.

I didn’t read every book I could find on self love before I created my course, “In Self Love.” And I didn’t get ChatGPPT to write it for me.

I was interested in it- no, obsessed with it- because I had so much inner conflict, and I just couldn’t find a way to accept myself as I was, let alone feel worthy of anything more than just getting by.

So I did the work to change that. And created a course that distills a decades long journey down to a 6-week process designed to change every aspect of your life for the better.

People will notice the change in you.

Some will be thrilled and cheer you on. Others will be uncomfortable and resistant.

It’s all just noise.

Because all that matters is what’s right for you.

Choose you. You’re worth it.

With Love, 

The Mystic Next Door

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