How to Choose Your Highest Path in a World That's Trying to Control You

Of all the ideas that both terrify and excite me in equal measure, AI tops this list.

As I see it, we’re standing dead center in the impact zone of a 50 foot wave.

And it is just about to break.

There is no running. No hiding.

And no amount of bracing yourself will matter all that much.

Because Once it really hits, all bets are off.

It makes me wonder, what will matter most in a world that is difficult for us to even comprehend.

Where should we be putting our effort and attention?

Because push button convenience and intuitive algorithms are no substitute for the human spirit.

And outsourcing your decision making is a dangerous trap.

I think the biggest challenge we face is not fully understanding what we’re up against.

That’s what inspired this talk I recently gave at Kisma’s Abundance Alchemy event.

The theme of the event was paradigm shifting. And when you look at how AI influences people’s paradigm without even realizing it, you begin to see the enormous challenges we as a society will face.

You’ll also begin see the incredible opportunities available to all of us.

Like I said…terrified and excited.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. And this talk isn’t the end of the conversation.

It’s only just the beginning.

Let me know what you think. Because if all things, this is a conversation worth having, and your voice matters.

With love,



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