A Simple Method to Solve Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm or Frustration...FAST! 

3 Steps to Shift Your Energy and Mindset

Stop Energy Drains and Restore Your Vitality

Feeling exhausted by mid-day? Sick of dragging yourself out of bed? 

Instead of reaching for more caffeine and burning out your adrenals, learn to access the latent energy in your body. 

Release Negative and Unwanted Energy Instantly

Everyone picks up negative and unwanted energy. Some more than others.

Learn to release it before it drains you or ruins your day. 

End Unproductive Mental Chatter

Internal chaos and overwhelm = external chaos and overwhelm. 

On top of that, self-criticism and judgement destroy confidence and clarity. 

Learn how to quiet your head in 3 simple steps. 

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Nick Hansinger
The Mystic Next Door

As a healer, coach, and Energy® Mastery Certified Trainer, Nick has taught these same techniques to hundreds of people and personally worked with them to create miracles of healing in all areas of life. 

Nick uses advanced healing techniques to help people recover from depression, anxiety, and addiction, as well as physical illness and disease. 

Nick Purple Alannah Headshot
  • Nick Hansinger

    “I've been doing the breathing exercises 3-4 times per day and they're really helping me keep anxiety in check.”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “The technique to disconnect from negative energy and thoughts is a true LIFE SAVER. I recommend this to everyone I know. ”

  • Nick Hansinger

    “This was totally worth the time it took to learn. I use these techniques every day now, and I'm getting so much more done with none of the negative mind chatter I used to have. It's like a new lease on life. Wish I had learned this YEARS ago. Totally worth the time. ”