A proven method to shift your energy from stuck and scattered to free and clear in record time. 

Whether you're an experienced energy practitioner or you're brand new to this whole weird world, these techniques will help you make a dramatic shift in your energy in 90-seconds or less. 

Used by doctors, lawyers, business leaders & executives, healers, entrepreneurs, coaches, parents, and people from every walk you can think of, these ancient techniques will help you have more confidence, clarity, and presence in everything you do. 

Move Stuck and Stagnant Energy to Restore Your Vitality

Modern humans spend a lot of their time in front of computers and other devices, and all the while, energy becomes stuck and stagnant. 

By the end of the day, you're exhausted, but you barely moved, so what gives? I'll reveal a simple secret to get your energy moving without a lengthy trip to the gym.

Release Negative and Unwanted Energy Instantly

You're a human being interacting with other #humans. You're going to pick up some negative and unwanted energy along the way no matter what, but you don't need to carry it with you any more.

Learn to release negative and unwanted energy with a wave of your hand.

Stop Unproductive Mental Chatter

The average person consumes more information in a morning than our grandparents consumed in a month. It's no wonder that the head chatter can get so loud. 

Throw a busy schedule on top of an active life along with high-pressure demands on time and focus, and you've got a perfect recipe for stress and anxiety that won't quit. 

I'll show you how to quiet your head in 3 simple steps. 

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Nick Hansinger
The Mystic Next Door

As a healer, coach, and Energy® Mastery Certified Trainer, Nick has taught these same techniques to hundreds of people and personally worked with them to create miracles of healing in all areas of life. 

Nick uses advanced healing techniques to help people recover from depression, anxiety, and addiction, as well as physical illness and disease. 

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